Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year's eve...

we have a couple of choices for new years eve... which will likely mean that we will try and do multiple things... which also means that i will be overwhelmed and exhausted and stressed-- so, instead- we are going with the flow of the day-

having chris here on vacation has a real calming effect on our household.

so, i am going to take ella over to a friends house for a couple of hours to play and hang out- then we are having some friends over (the canadians and her brother-- once again used a term of love) for a dinner and game night.

i am making some new years resolutions though-- i love resolutions!

1- lose the last of this baby/fat girl/ eat too much/etc weight
2- and start saving for the kids/house/car
3- start going to church with the kids as often as we can

we always have the best of intentions with what we do... it just isn't always followed through. so... have a safe, happy, fun, exciting new year! i hope that 2009 is wonderful and prosperous for all!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

merry christmas and almost happy new year!

alright... i have been out of the blogging loop for a while now... we had an amazing christmas. we had beau and kendra (with farley and sandler) here for christmas eve and christmas morning. then, we went to my parents house for christmas evening (2 1/2 hours) and stayed through the middle of the 27th. we drove home and beau and kendra stopped in for one more night with us. it has just been us now for the past 2 days and it's been a whirlwind of fixing, cleaning, and a little bit o' cooking.

the 24th christmas party attendents: ava, zoe, jake, molly, payton, ella, fisher, beau, kendra, chris, me, jason, lisa, jeff, bubba, gracie, farley, and sandler. we had deep fried turkey, ham, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, carrot casserole, yeast rolls, buffalo chicken dip, chips and dip, and i sent the kids/adults home with a basket of goodies. it was lots of fun and jessica made the kids reindeer food (she got called into the hospital) and they all threw it off the porch for rudolph to eat. they had a great time and all the girls played dress up-- and ella dressed up then ended up with only panties on (we are trying to keep her off the pole- haha) it was crazy and chaotic... but lots of fun and really set the mood for santa.

chris read the kids twas the night before christmas. it was something that my dad did for us every christmas eve and i want my kids to have that same memory.

christmas morning was hectic and fun-- the kids were thrilled to see all their presents set out-- santa was good to our kiddies! the big things were a butterscotch pony for ella and fisher got kota the dino-- they are sooo cute and the kids really loved them. i thought that they were such a great, crazy, how cool- present! how toys have changed!

after opening presents we made breakfast- chris made my dad's famous biscuits and gravy--- i even made the biscuits- sausage and eggs (for the ella and i) then after breakfast we played and got the toys all working and even chris' toys!

i got the pots and pans that i have been dying for! i have been in such need of them-- i also got a wine fridge! it holds eight bottles and fits on the countertop! i love it! (while in roanoke i stocked the fridge) chris got a gps, wireless speakers, socks, and a grill light. it was a great christmas for us all-- (santa might have gone a bit overboard)

then while the kids were napping we got all the packing and loading of the car done. a couple loads of clothes washed and even cleaned the house up. it worked out pretty well!

off to roanoke and the trip went well- we made it in two hours instead of 2 1/2 (how i don't know... chris doesn't speed) anyway- roanoke bound!

santa had visited their house too! the kids were so excited to see mom, dad, kels, jopo, jarron and jaime was even there! we had just missed jeremy, denise, taylor and jase. my great-aunt evelyn and cousin debra were there for a bit too. it was great to see them as well (hasn't been since jarron's going away party that i got to see them)

ella was in the present opening mood and boy did they get presents! ella was over hearing about santa-- so she knew that mom and dad had got them their presents-- fisher got a train set and train table! ella got an art easel and tons of crowns, shoes, and dresses.

we got nanny a gps -- she gets lost everywhere and she seemed really excited about it. let's hope that she learns how to use it!

we got pop-pop a garage door keypad and his favorite chocolate covered cherries (i'm the only one who remembered this year!!!)

*****and chris got the hockey table that he so wanted!!!!********
thanks mom and dad!

after the kids were finally in bed we got to play some games with kels, jopo, jaime, and jarron. chris and i love playing board games and we got phase10 dice and sequence this christmas. they were both a hit- it was really nice to hang out with my brothers... it's been years! years! since jaime and i have been in the same room playing and getting along- it was a true christmas miracle! chris has always had a soft spot for jaime- so he kept playing with jarron and jaime both and i went to bed (kels and i have to shop!)

so, kelsey and i got up early on the 26th and went shopping-- we didn't spend much, we got a few things, but the sales were ehh-- so, so. we went to the limited and got a few things-- beautiful dresses and a couple of sweaters (for me) it was a great morning!

then we came home and just hung around the house- taylor came over and she and ella played quite a bit-- they get along really well- it always surprises me b/c they see each other only once a month.

jase came for a little bit in between naps- one day these boys will really get to play with each other-- but they have always seemed to be on opposite schedules.

later that night we were fixing dinner and fisher grabbed the top to the fruit (a can) out of the trash and sliced his hand between his thumb and pointer (the webbing part) so... off to the urgent care we went! it was our first time in the er/urgent care with a baby-- (chicken will shock me the day she needs to go to the er) we were there from 7:45- 10:45 (fisher goes to bed at 8) it was a trying time... he isn't usually fussy-- but he was hungry tired and moody-- he needed two stiches and they had to numb his hand and it was done.

so... we left the next afternoon with a stitched up hand... tons of presents... and dogs riding on top of presents! it was a whirlwind but great and exciting-- ella and fisher love my parents and it was such a great christmas with jaime and jarron-- and of course kelsey-- miss you already!

sorry for the long post-- i still have more to say!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the eve of christmas eve

can i just say that chris is great-- i mean really great. i had my bi-monthly lose my mind, meltdown, breakdown, i'm a bad mom, the kids are crazy, the house is a mess, there is so much to do, i'm so fat meltdown on sunday night. (i can't belive that i am writing this on blogger)

so, chris started his vacation monday at 5:17pm when he came home and today we were scheduled to go and visit his parents for one more christmas/visit with them. at breakfast chris said this... "why don't you stay here and get stuff done and i will take the kids"

it was amazing! i love my children dearly and i cannot stand to be apart from them for one second... but oh... it was great!!!!

this is what i got done-
- made chili
- made pumpkin bread (one large three mini)
- cleaned the fridge
- cleaned a closet
- swept
- mopped
- 2 load of laundry (wash, dry, folded and put away)
- made 3 beds
- cleaned ella's room
- scrubbed 3 toilets
- cleaned 3 bathroom mirrors
- windexed the front door
- scrubbed two bathtubs
- one load of dishes
- wrapped 15 presents
- showered
- checked on neighbors house-- alternated lights, checked their mail, made sure nothing was on fire or leaking
- went to walmart (it was packed) for last minute items
- went to liquor store for festive drinks
- came home-- put all items away

then... they all came home and it was wonderful! yeah! ella and fisher were great for ma and pa and glad to be home.
then ella and i made snickerdoodles, no-bake cookies, and magic cookie bars (for our christmas eve bash-- not just for me)

however-- it was 11:00pm before ella called it quits! she should sleep till 11 am right???

merry eve of christmas eve!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

fantastic news!

we just found out today that our christmas eve and christmas morning will be here with our kiddies and beau and kendra! (and of course farley and sandler)

we love when they are here and i cannot wait for this christmas morning-- every year since we have had kids we've been like "oh, this is going to be the best christmas" and every christmas we say it again!

so-- now to planning a menu- we won't be at our house for christmas day dinner- so, we are going to have a christmas eve dinner bash! we are planning on having some neighbors over and also beau, kendra, and the dogs... so plenty to feed and lots to do! i cannot wait! i have been dying to get in the kitchen and whip up some fantastic christmas treats-- hopefully i will have plenty of time (with chris on vaca starting tuesday) and with an extra set of hands... i should be the happiest momma ever!

have a great week!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

no pics...

we went to the christmas party last night- and it was pretty much what i expected- fisher was a handful, ella started off pretty shy and then turned it to the ella show, and chris and i both left exhausted and worn out-- the party was great and everyone didn't mind that the kids were there-- and everyone had encouraging words about fisher and his "boy-ness"-- we were so busy making sure that fisher and ella didn't break anything in his boss' home that i didn't even get the camera out-- so sorry- no pics-
but... at the party-
i couldn't tell you how many times i heard "oh, wow! he is all boy" or "i bet he is tough" or "you've got your hands full with that one" or "oh, he is just being a boy" or "aren't boys sooo different than girls!"

all of these comments make me two things...
1- nervous
2- scared

nervous- what do people say when we leave??? what do people think when we are coming over? do people still want to hang out with us?

scared- will this crazy, rough, tough, hard-headed, doesn't listen, isn't scared, does't hurt, etc boy ever slow down? will i ever get to sit still for a moment when he is awake and not strapped in a high chair or car seat?

i just don't know!!!!! i love him, and oh, he is soooo sweet, and he wants to be helpful, but oh my-- he is CRAZY.

we went to chuck e cheese today for a birthday party- he was running all over the place and ella was scared out of her mind of the mouse! (i mean really, it's a mouse, but whatever- at least she was still)

we went to dinner with two of our neighbors and there kids tonight- fisher was in a high chair and so he was fine- but ella was chasing the boys all over the place-

then... by mistake we went to wal-mart for a couple of needed items-- they had that pony (furreal- s'mores pony) at the front when you walk in-- we stood there for about 20 minutes so ella could warm up to the pony and talk to it... fisher is with chris in a cart-- but by the end of the hour long wal-mart trip- we were over our children- they were well behaved and rode in the carts- but they were yelling back and forth DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDY-- dadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddy-- DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDY and people were just looking and laughing-- i turn to chris and say -- "i am usually doing this all by myself... think about that"

by the time the kids were in bed-- he looks at me and said the sweetest thing ever--
"i don't know how you do it" ah... music to my ears! i think he is starting to panic- he is on vacation starting tuesday- through the 5th-- whooohooo for me!!! kiddie shock for him!

Friday, December 19, 2008

windy friday!

it is soooo windy here! the weather is taking a turn and the winds are coming in! we have had non-stop rain for the entire week-- (hence the elliptical machine instead of morning running) but today it was so pretty this morning- then the winds came in! it is soooo windy!

we actually left the house (we had not done that since ballet on monday) and to finish some last minute christmas shopping. then we headed over to aly grace's house for ella to get some 3 year old playtime in. (they really miss each other)

tonight we are going to chris' work party (and the kids are coming) yeah! i have tons of presents left to wrap-- and then to start planning a christmas menu! we are still trying to figure out "our" family traditions that we want to start with the kids. we will visit chris' parents again before christmas and then head to my parents on christmas day (that night) to spend with my side of the family. i have a tradition of shopping the after-christmas sales with my mom and sister... we get up early and head out!

i will have pictures of the kids from tonights bash! have a great friday!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

oh what a sweet surprise!

i had my last audit of the year today- really nice rep. i enjoy the audits so much when they are friendly- some panic and stress and freak out when they get a phone call from me... (again... que the evil music)

so, the in-laws came to babysit while i did my audit. ella was thrilled and ran around yelling ma and pa are here! (so sweet) and fisher seemed pumped as well.

they left shortly after i got home (about 4:00pm)- while i was out for the audit... i called ol' daddy dearest- we were needing to make a gift swap BEFORE christmas (can you see my silly little grin now- chris has NO idea- and that is hard to pull off) so- my dear daddy loaded up the truck (the gift took up most of truck) and he and mom came to be my early sneaky santas (they drove 2 1/2 hours for me here... 2 1/2 on the way back)...

i sent chris and fisher out of the house to pick up dinner and all is well in ho ho ho land!

mom and dad hung out for a while and ate dinner- then drove on back home (a 7 hour sneaky surprise-- THANK YOU!)

ella was again pumped to see nanny and pop-pop! she has been talking about pop-pop so much lately and last week she was talking to mom and asked her to come and pick her up- just come on nanny! come and get her!

but, before they left tonight ella asked pop-pop what he wanted for christmas- his response- "just for you to come to my house for christmas" she says "okay" and now... that is all that we are hearing about- "i could wear a bow for pop-pop's christmas!, nanny needs to see me for christmas, santa knows where nanny and pop-pop live, blah, blah, blah!)" oh... it's going to be a LONG week before christmas!

then... to top it off this was the last sentence before bed-- "i got to see my ma, pa, nanny, and pop-pop today! whoa, who is coming to my house tomorrow?"

what's going on--

here is what is going on with us lately-

we are still having trouble with ella wanting to sleep alone (she's just a huge battle)

we are so anxious for christmas to be here already! chris is walking around with a silly grin on his face all the time- (he looks so sneaky) and i have only wanted one thing for christmas-- new pots and pans! i know that isn't exciting or interesting... but when you want it... you want it

i am pumped for christmas-- chris doesn't know what i have bought the kids and i don't know what he bought the kids... so it's going to be exciting for us too!

i have my last audit for the year today-- ma and pa are coming to keep the kids for a couple of hours so that i can work (and finish some last minute shopping)

i have still been cooking- i have really come to love being in the kitchen- ella is liking it too and chris thinks me being "domestic" is pretty funny- he has been around for my daddy calling me ellie mae-- so... it's funny. but i love it-

last night was not a good dinner- i tried to make chicken (with soy sauce/pineapple juice)- it was in my opinion horrible- chris and fisher loved it... ella and i ordered a small pizza! perfect night!

so... biggest loser- i have to figure out how to do this-- i don't want to post weight-- so i think that we will just weigh in- once a week- and that way we can post our progress. i think that we should start today! so- who ever wants to join in... post your weight loss on a comment next week (i will remind you) good luck!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the biggest loser

holy cow! did you see those people! what a fantastic show-- real motivation huh?

wouldn't you just love to lose that kind of weight!?

it's taken me almost a year to lose (and keep off) 25 lbs. i don't know how long that show runs but i know its got to be less than a year and they are losing hundreds of pounds!!!!

so... who wants to play biggest loser with me?

kels and i are already gearing up for a 5K race in the spring... but now... i want to be a loser! i don't have 100 pounds to lose... but a good 30-40 would be awesome! so... let me know if you want to play... and we will figure out how!

girls night

last night i got to go out again! yeah! one more before christmas--

we went to a sushi place (not my thing-- but chicken satay is what i enjoyed)

mel and i enjoyed the "diva" martinis-- wonderful ( i enjoyed 2 1/2)

marg had a bellinitini-- (tasted like orange boones farm to me)

jen had a key lime martini and glass o' wine

the girls had sushi and i did not- but it is always so wonderful to get to get out- away from our homes and commitments and just dish- i loved it! it's a great feeling to have some girls- and good girls to get to hang out with- merry christmas to you all!

i'm back!

we were out of town saturday and sunday (visiting inlaws and neices) it was a wonderful visit. we had not seen chris' brother and family since ella's birthday... and that was such a chaotic day (smiles) that we didn't get to really hang out with them. so we met at chris' parents and did a little early christmas.

i got to go shopping with laura-- which is something that i miss so much (she is quite the name-brand shopper now-- and she's only 12)

ella didn't speak to chris or i all weekend because she was with elaina-- and fisher was fisher... being the only boy is a tough job-- but he is soooo up to the challenge.

i got the exciting job of having a sleepover with ella and elaina- we pushed two twin beds together (i again am not a co-sleeper) and it went something like this...
me, ella, ella's bubba, christmas duck, lucy the guinea pig, tinkerbell the groovy doll, pink blanket, baby bubba, penny the dalmation, elaina, elaina's fringe blanket, bear, bubba, and gracie-- i again am not a co-sleeper-- it was a rough one for me-- but, i wouldn't have done it any other way

we did a nature walk on sunday morning with me, chris, laura, elaina and fisher- bubba and gracie leading -- elaina found a turtle shell and some type of skull- yuck- she kept it and at one point asked if i could put them both in my jacket pocket while she climbed a hill (i did... not want to.... but i did... and then soaked my hands in very strong soap) gross.

but merry christmas girls- we love you and it was so much fun!

and laura i will comeback in sequence!

Friday, December 12, 2008

photo friday

kels sent me her wedding photos a while ago with a link (so i couldn't get any of them)- but this time i have the cd! so i got to looking at them and loved some of these-- it was a beautiful wedding! kels is my only sister ( i have three brothers) and i loved being with her and i miss her dearly! can't wait for christmas when i will get to see her (and jopo) again. my kids are crazy about them and chris loves jopo too.
can't go wrong with that--
have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

a day of christmas baking

my friend/neighbor jenn came over for a day of christmas baking today. the kids were not in the mood (more on that later) for leaving the house... fine by me- it's been gross here. rain + wind + more rain + clouds = cabin fever = grumpy kids = mad ol' momma.

so, to lighten the mood- jenn brought over 3 of her recipies and i did two of mine (we ran out of time)

it was a great way to do some baking and enjoy our kids and ourselves at the same time- she did it by herself last year and i think that i attempted to do it... but i really can't remember.

so... we made- what she calls davy crocketts (we call them buckeyes or peanut butter chocolate balls, toffee crunch (we call them sweet and salty bars), and coconut macaroons, and i made a peanut butter log roll (pinwheels) and chess cake/bars. yum. lots o' sugar and lot's o' butter, and lot's o' goodies sitting in my fridge. be with me willpower! if anyone wants recipies i would be glad to pass them out!

by the way-- we still haven't eaten out since saturday (lunch/pal's) tuesday we had steak/potatoes/rice/salad (chris' night) and last night we had chicken parmesan and for dinner tonight pancakes and sausage! ( we all love breakfast for dinner!)

have a great friday!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

making some progress

i knew that if i just admitted it... that ella would eventually start to turn around... the beginning may just be in sight.

last night chris looked at me while i am making plans to have a neighbor (thanks jenn and shawn) come over to help take christmas pictures (so i could have the "entire" family in the picture) and said "just stop. you are the busiest person i know. just stop. just relax. stop. breathe. everything will get done. promise." and like the wonderful husband that he is... he was right. everything will be okay, and everything will get done.

i just have to stop and remember that "being" with my kids and him... is different that "being with my kids and him" i have to remember to take in the moments- even the little ones and enjoy them. we haven't even gotten to boys yet with ella and i am starting to freak!? or hannah montanta for that matter.

i start to get a little panicky toward the end of the year- i start to wonder if i have done everything that i had set out to do...

well... when it comes down to it- who cares???? the to-do list has got to be thrown out! (and i love lists!) i have lists everywhere (thanks mom for that quality) on the bathroom mirror, the fridge, the nightstand, grocery lists, shopping lists, things to do lists, project lists, in my head lists-- and half the time i forget to even take them with me!

so-- today-- we went to playgroup and picked up some pictures from sam's, came home and the kids took their naps, i worked out,i started dinner (and it was really good tonight- chicken parm) and when they woke up-- we PLAYED for a good hour or more before chris came home. then we all ate dinner together. and while eating dinner- ella said that she wanted to "put on her bedtime clothes, go downstairs, turn on the fireplace, and snuggle and watch dancing with the stars while i rubbed the palms of her hands"


it was a great night!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a few quick things

- lacey, thanks for saving me and my dumplings- i forgot to mention that they turned out wonderfully because of your vast knowledge of southern cooking

- melanie, i hope that mallory feels much better! i know that pitiful little girls are needy little girls- i hope that you get through it- having your mom there will be such a help! but, let me know if there is anything that you need!

- about ella- she was much better tonight- i think that we are having some regression issues- but that too shall pass (thanks sue) and i hope that tomorrow will be a better day. when it's just me and her- oh, she is amazing! i hope that she will keep learning how to adjust to our live and her life with a baby brother.

- we did christmas photos tonight (with the help of shawn) i think that we just might have a christmas card ready to send out by thursday (oh, behold the power of sams and uploading photos)

my sweet little ella

oh- i am having a bit of a hard time with ella. she is getting to be out-of-control. she doesn't want to listen, she doesn't want to help, she doesn't want to sleep on her own, she doesn't want to sleep, she doesn't want to eat, she doesn't want fisher touching her stuff, she just isn't my ella- my sweet little ella.

i am having such a difficult time with her turning three- i think that my expectations aren't crazy- i want her to listen- i want her to be helpful, i want her to have fun, i want her to enjoy her little life!

i stay at home for a reason- i have never wanted my kids to be limited to my time- and lately- i feel like i have been limited. i haven't been focusing on them- i have been home, but i have been busy- we are busy with christmas and "doing things" and i think that we have been burning our candle at both ends. i have been managing a "social life" for our family instead of concentrating on us being a "family" and spending time doing "family" things-- not being in the same room and being busy doing separate things.

so- last night we had a meltdown- all of her dresses got taken away from her- (that is the ultimate punishment for a girly-girl to have to wear pants!) she and i have a huge talk last night and she seems to understand--- till this morning when she has already been in time out three times (it's currently not even three o'clock) and just doesn't seem to "get it" i am heartbroken about my buddy being in trouble ALL THE TIME!

i love her so much and i cannot let her get the best of me- so... good luck to me! (and chris)

we are all in need of a serious attitude adjustment- we will see how it goes!

Monday, December 8, 2008

mustering up some inspiration

i have been in need of some inspiration to get out in the morning and run- instead... i have been making excuses about the weather and not feeling well- so i looked around to find some inspiration to get out of the bed- so i found something...

"someone busier than you is running right now"

i thought about it a while-- is there anyone busier than me???? no way! (haha)

so long story short- i got up, i ran with gracie (first time with her) and made it home and got ready for the day before the kids even got up! impressive huh?

-- now about my cooking--
last week we only ate out once (saturday was so busy and hectic with the parade, snow, and naptimes... that chris picked up pal's mmmmmmm... mmmm... it was great!)

so- no eating out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner -- including our pal's-- i made 20 meals for my family! whooohooo! pretty exciting for me! i have always loved cooking, but having the confidence to get in the kitchen and do it- so with the help of melanie and some taste testers i am doing it! i made my menu for the week yesterday- went to the store for my stuff and last night i made beef stew and corn bread (jimmy style) and tonight for the first time i made chicken and dumplings- they were wonderful! chris ate more than he should have... and i invited some of our neighbors (jess, jason, molly, and payton) for dinner and they all enjoyed it as well. it was a great time to be with our friends and even better that my chicken and dumplings were a huge hit!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

saturday- a really busy saturday

my house has turned into a winter wonderland- a christmas explosion! i love it! ella and i baked cookies tonight (at 8 pm)

nanny and pop pop sent early christmas ornaments and now that we have the tree up- the kids got to open them! thanks! emmie came over with jenn to hang out for a bit--

fisher and ella both have chapped cheeks from the parade this morning- it was a great saturday for us-- very busy... but really nice to have a christmas-sy day!

we did the parade this morning- for ella's ballet class. ella and i are the second from the left. it started snowing during the "lining up of the parade" just a few flakes, but by the end of the parade it was full blown wet snow and i looked like i had a spiral perm! ella loved it and fisher and chris went and got our christmas tree and made it back to the parade.

i was "tagged"

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
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i got tagged.- i just started reading other people's blogs... and there is a big world out there i never knew about!

so... six non-important things/habits/quirks about me:
1- my two biggest fears are hitting a deer with my car and being hit by a rubber-band
2- i am severly left-handed- it's so bad that it could be considered a "disability"
3- i am totally addicticed to philosophy products. my bathroom is a mini-sephora
4- i could live on pizza and diet dr.pepper alone
5- i love to re-arrange furniture (constantly- by the seasons, by my mood, everything changes!)
6- i long to be a domestic goddess- (cooking, sewing, making scarves, making gloves, knitting, painting- all of it- i want to fabulous with all things home!)

so i am going to tag...

my sister



lavender lily

a belle and her beau

peeptoe pumps

Friday, December 5, 2008

so about my pizza

it was difficult. i'm not going to lie- i am a pizza lover, a pizza connoisseur, a devotee of pizza- i could eat it every night for dinner- without fail... not too many pizza's out there i don't like. so, to try and create such a wonderful food was difficult.

i had high hopes to top little ol' pillsbury doughboy-

so... ella and i put on our aprons and got to work. i knew that since i was making the dough (yup... i made the dough) we would have to start early since it had to rise twice (45 minutes each time) so... we were excited to start and the process went well- ella was really helpful and loved getting to cook with me. i kneaded the dough for ten minutes- sounds easy- but it was some work!

it took some time for me to figure out the best way to get the dough to rise- it needs a warm place- our house is freezing! so a bowl of hot water went into the bottom of the oven and i turned on the oven temp to warm, covered the dough with a wet paper towel and all was well-

i even made the sauce ( i had no idea it was that easy) and it was fabulous! chris said- "why do we even buy that other crap" -- that would be a compliment- thanks honey!

next time i will have to play around with other toppings and seasonings- but everyone seemed to love it- ella ate three pieces!

i knew i was awesome... now i can prove it!


Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Sites

thanks melanie for the opportunity to prove it!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

a couple of thoughts for the day

my dinner was pretty darn good! the mac and cheese is to die for (if i do say so myself... fisher and emmie ate it up!)

we are rearranging the family room due to christmas overflow... the bookcases will be helpful, but the only way to solve this problem is with a huge black trash bag and a husband at work - que the evil music and the laughter mmhhhmmuuhhhmmm!

fisher is starting to talk more... and talk to me more- saying things like momma when he needs me (and it's a precious momma)and it is just getting me- like i know that i don't need more kiddies... but oh, when they get you.. they get ya'

ella isn't wanting to sleep in her bed at night anymore... the little conartist is saying things like "but i love you so much momma that i just will miss you all night long" and "i don't like my big girl bed... i can snuggle with you tonight in your bed" and "don't you miss me? i love sleeping with you!"

and i am NOT cool with this. she knows it. and she is working it. she is in her bed tonight. this phase better pass quickly.

but she did pull a good funny one on me today- we were reading about the birth of baby jesus- she was asking who all the people were in the picture- here is the conversation:
ella: who is this
me: joseph
ella: who is this
me: baby jesus
ella: what in the world does kelsey have on her head?
me: that isn't kelsey baby... that is mary- jesus' mommy
(funny she put joseph (jopo) as the daddy of baby jesus- and my dear sister as mary!

i made chex mix today (or nuts and bolts for jenn) and i cooked it in the microwave! who knew? it turned out pretty well- i tend to like the burnt pieces that the oven gives it... but it worked and i was pretty happy.

and on the menu for tomorrow: homemade pizza and salad (we will see how this all goes) and we should finally be able to get a christmas tree!

have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

about the 5 K

oh... it's still on- i haven't been outside running... it's been about 15-20 degrees here in the morning. and this week i have been feeling a bit under the weather.

so, tonight i thought instead of writing about each day that i workout or run i will just post on the side of the blog instead of an entire post. so.. look over to your right- and i have changed the ticker to run 100 miles. let's see how long that takes huh?

and one more thing- on the elliptical machine i translate 1 mile to equal about 13 minutes ( i think it is less than that, but my machine tells me how many revolutions i have made... not the distance) so tonight i was on it for 55 minutes to me that is about 4 miles.

the opening of the umbrella

we got some excellent news today... chris was not "displaced" meaning he still has his job! we are thrilled! it has been a hard past few weeks trying to figure out the "what do we do if???" but... it was such a great feeling of relief this morning when he got his phone call.

second good news... the drain/garbage disposal is fixed. we went to walmart with the kids last night around 8:30pm and didn't get home till almost 10pm and the kids were in bed by 10:30pm. then we started the work of cleaning the dishes and putting the sink back together. so after lots of dishes and chris being my "mr. fixit" we were pretty proud of our accomplishments. i even donned myself "queen of the sink" last night. for those that don't know... i HATE cleaning dishes. i know that's dramatic, but i HATE it! there is a laundry list of things that i would gladly do before clean the dishes would come up.

however... i did get pretty thankful last night as i was going to bed... i am thankful that we even have a dishwasher and garbage disposal... and that we even have a garage. so my previous posts about the rain and all really was in regards to chris and the job situation. i feel like we now have more time to get all our "ducks" in a row, and we are fixing things one at a time. together too.

so... sorry for the dramatics... i will work on that.

as for my cooking that i am aspiring to do... i started tonight with my first made from scratch dish. i made potato soup and grilled cheese. not difficult or time consuming, but delish!

i didn't even take a picture because it was all gone! i know that making potato soup isn't a big deal, but i made a dinner for the four of us (plus jenn) for less than 7 bucks! amazing huh? i am not trying to be the TOP CHEF, but just making dinner instead of eating out. so far so good. (monday was pot roast, tuesday was taco bake) on the menu for tomorrow is meatball subs and homemade mac and cheese. (can't wait for the mac and cheese)

we also started getting the christmas stuff out. slowly. but it's coming together. chris is actually at walmart again tonight to buy me some bookcases (the big ones) to go in the family room on both sides of the tv... we need some shelving units and these are cheap and will serve the purpose. (i don't buy good stuff till the kids are older- it's my BIG rule)

so... thanks for all that said a little prayer for us... we are going to make it and thanks. we are thankful people tonight!

pics from beau and kendra's

fisher had whined all morning on thanksgiving ( a little sleep deprived) and so when he was finally on the loose... he was a HAPPY CAMPER!)

the slide was sooo much fun... fisher goes down them all by himself, so i grabbed him and got in one slide ride with him!

they had an actual playground IN their neighborhood! so on thanksgiving before dinner we took the kids to get out of the house for a bit and get some fresh air. the weather was beautiful!

the kids took total advantage of having TWO big guys to throw them around... let them jump on them... and carry them around... i loved the break!

we didn't take lots of pictures from kendra and beau's thanksgiving... i always hate when i don't keep my camera around my neck- but some of the pictures are wonderful.

thanks again to beau and kendra for having us (i didn't mention that i didn't lift a finger when it came to the cooking on thankgiving and it was wonderful!)