Thursday, December 4, 2008

a couple of thoughts for the day

my dinner was pretty darn good! the mac and cheese is to die for (if i do say so myself... fisher and emmie ate it up!)

we are rearranging the family room due to christmas overflow... the bookcases will be helpful, but the only way to solve this problem is with a huge black trash bag and a husband at work - que the evil music and the laughter mmhhhmmuuhhhmmm!

fisher is starting to talk more... and talk to me more- saying things like momma when he needs me (and it's a precious momma)and it is just getting me- like i know that i don't need more kiddies... but oh, when they get you.. they get ya'

ella isn't wanting to sleep in her bed at night anymore... the little conartist is saying things like "but i love you so much momma that i just will miss you all night long" and "i don't like my big girl bed... i can snuggle with you tonight in your bed" and "don't you miss me? i love sleeping with you!"

and i am NOT cool with this. she knows it. and she is working it. she is in her bed tonight. this phase better pass quickly.

but she did pull a good funny one on me today- we were reading about the birth of baby jesus- she was asking who all the people were in the picture- here is the conversation:
ella: who is this
me: joseph
ella: who is this
me: baby jesus
ella: what in the world does kelsey have on her head?
me: that isn't kelsey baby... that is mary- jesus' mommy
(funny she put joseph (jopo) as the daddy of baby jesus- and my dear sister as mary!

i made chex mix today (or nuts and bolts for jenn) and i cooked it in the microwave! who knew? it turned out pretty well- i tend to like the burnt pieces that the oven gives it... but it worked and i was pretty happy.

and on the menu for tomorrow: homemade pizza and salad (we will see how this all goes) and we should finally be able to get a christmas tree!

have a great night everyone!


Melanie said...

Jenn sure has some funny phrases...I love hearing the differences between Canadian phrases and American phrases.

I love reading posts every day!!! You're very good at keeping up your blog.

And homemade pizza sounds great! We're having that tomorrow...

lacey said...

you guys are so funny:)