Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one more jarron update before i go to bed

i have been able to talk to jarron lots today.

he seems to be in much better spirits, he was a little down this morning, but i'm hoping that once he gets his own room and actually gets some rest that will all change.

he sent a picture of himself via text message and he really has some HUGE black eyes... but, he looks much better that i thought he would!

they have moved him out of icu and into his own room... i haven't yet got the details of room number (they just did it while i was writing this update)

he has been up walking around some this evening. he was pretty dizzy when i talked to him... it's going to be a while before he is fully recovered... but we know that there isn't much to keep jarron down!

we've had a huge response to the "buck for a bike" effort... i cannot tell you how excited i am that this is all going so well. i feel that this is the best way for all of us to be able to help.

and it's going to be awesome when he finally gets his new bike and knows that it was because of so many people who love him and want a speedy recovery!
without all of you it wouldn't even possible!

thanks so much for all that you are doing for our family!

and i have been intouch with mom and dad lots as well... for all of those concerned about my parents, they are doing really well. they are getting to see some of the city and jarron's school (while doctors are in and nurses are switching shifts) they are thrilled that they have been able to meet some of his friends and feel that he is in really great hands out there. keep up the prayers and keep getting the word out about jarron! we love him so much and want nothing short of a full recovery!

have a great night everyone!

jarron update (tuesday)

i was able to talk to jarron again this morning. he is still currently in the icu. they are hoping to move him out of icu sometime today.

they are still really concerned about the blood around his brain. it is causing him to have really bad headaches.

he actually said that the only thing on his body that didn't hurt were his legs. they were able to get him to walk to a chair last night (with some assistance) he was able to sit up for a while. this however, did wear him out pretty quickly.

he isn't getting a lot of sleep in icu... the lady beside him keep yelling instead of paging the nurses...

they are still continuing to monitor him and do plenty of exams. he is still on a liquid diet, jello is the only solid (if you could call jello a solid) that he has eaten.

as most of you know, we are trying to raise money to get jarron a new bike... "buck for a bike" we appreciate everyone's concern and support and prayers for jarron and our family.

in lieu of flowers or gifts sent to his hospital, we are asking everyone to donate to the "buck for a bike" fundraiser...
please send donations to

kara battel
6 lewis court
gray, tn 37615

or to

kelsey lisle
401 avent meadows ln
holly springs, nc 27540
as soon as he is moved to a "regular" hospital room i will be posting an address for sending cards, notes, and well wishes.

thanks again to everyone!

Monday, March 30, 2009

buck for a bike

hello to all!

kelsey and i have talked to jarron several times today and last night. he continues to make lots of progress. he is however having a really difficult time with losing his bike.

to all of you that know jarron, he is such a "bike kid" he loves to ride, and has been an avid rider since he was in high school. for those of you in roanoke, he would frequent carvins cove and do lots of moutain biking races around the valley. he and his buddies would go out what seemed like every day and ride.

we have been thinking that an excellent way to lift his spirits would be to replace his bike. his friend that was with him the night of the accident picked up the pieces of his now shattered bike and has them in his dorm room. jarron is to say the least devastated by this news.

at school he doesn't have a car. his bike is his only mode of transportation. his first weekend at school, he sent pictures of him riding across the golden gate bridge. we all know how important it is for him to get a bike back. we think that a great way to show our support and encouragement for jarron would be to raise some money to purchase/replace his bike.

so, what we are asking for is a "buck for a bike"

we would love to get a bike to him before he leaves the hospital. we are still unsure of a timeline for when he will be leaving though, so we are hoping to get this started as soon as possible.

please forward this on to ANYONE who would like to help, especially to jarron's friends.

any and all help would be appreciated. please let anyone and everyone know what we are doing.

being this far away, we figured that this would be the least that we could do for him.

we will continue to keep you all updated on his progress.

please send any donations to

kara battel
6 lewis court
gray, tn 37615

or to

kelsey higginbotham
401 avent meadows ln
holly springs, nc 27540

i have attached a picture of jarron and his friends with their bikes... they rode up the mountain! thanks again for all of your prayers and support for jarron, you will never know how much you all have done for our family!

kara and kelsey

some details about jarron...

for those that don't know much about jarron... here are a couple previous posts about him... just click here--

and here

jarron update

jarron is really having a tough day today. i think that he is starting to realize how hurt he really is.. and is having a really difficult time understanding and digesting all the information that they are giving him.

his entire right side is in some really serious pain. they are going to keep him in ICU through the rest of today for sure... once he gets his own room and number i will post it.

he doesn't want to see what he looks like in the mirror... and from what my parents said... he shouldn't.

thanks again for all the prayers and support... we are really going to need them.

biking was really important to jarron.. and his bike is really busted up- broke in half and pieces are shattered...

i think that part of his soul and heart are shattered as well...

more jarron!

my parents landed last night and went straight to the hospital. there they were greeted by my brother laughing and joking with the nurses, eating, and watching tv. he is doing remarkably well and we are all so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers and well wishes for my brother!

he will continue to have tests done today and i will update about those, and they are considering moving him out of ICU today as well!

my parents will being going to the hospital around 11:00am (after doctor's rounds) that's 2pm our time... and then they will give me today's update.

thanks again to all of you! i know that through prayers and well wishes our brother was able to come out of this horrible accident. please continue to pray for my family, my parents, and especially jarron. we love and appreciate all that you have done for us!

to all of my friends in tennessee... thanks so much! i am so blessed to have such an amazing support group here and it shows how wonderful you all have been to accept me into your circle of friends. i am forever grateful for each and everyone of you and all that you have brought to my life.

thanks again!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

jarron update-- and it's fantastic news!

i have the most amazing news! i just got to talk to jarron!

around 6:00pm (our time) the doctors said that the bleeding has stopped in his brain. he is off of the ventalator. he is recovering!

they then patched me through to his room where i got to actually talk to him! it's amazing what all of you have done for my family! prayer does work and thanks to all that have sent well wishes! you are an amazing group of people!

my parents still have no way of knowing that all of this is happening... they will be so thrilled!

he sounded amazingly well and in great spirits!

he couldn't remember lots of the details about last night. however, he was concerned to where his bike was- classic jarron.

there is lots of good news and we are all really thankful for all of your support!

to go from a horrible grim report at 3:30am to actually talking to him and being able to know that he is okay is nothing short of a miracle!

thanks again for all of your support and prayers!

jarron/prayer request

i am sending out a prayer request for jarron my youngest brother. most of you know that jarron is attending school in california. he is an avid bike rider.

last night he was riding through golden gate park and went down a hill too fast without a helmet and ran into a car (i'm not sure if it was parked or moving). his head sustained most of the impact. he was taken to san francisco general. there is is being treated for what they are calling an epidural hematoma. he has lots of bleeding around his brain. he is currently on a ventilator and is being kept unconscious. they are waking him up about every hour to check vitals and to see if he can squeeze hands, hold up fingers, wiggle toes, and stick out his tounge. all of which he is now able to do. this morning they said that he was giving it real effort but couldn't hold up fingers. so, there is some improvement in that aspect.

he is currently going for his fourth CT Scan. the first was when he was still awake. they said that he had gotten frustrated and that is when they decided that it was best for him to be sedated. the second gave them a baseline for what was going on around his brain. the third showed increased bleeding around his brain. i should hear something about the fourth CT scan by about 4:30pm (our time)

there are neurosurgeons on staff and currently at the hospital. the nurses that i have spoke with all seem very positive and very hopeful that he will recover. they are currently very concerned about the bleeding as well as possible brain damage. he has a very swollen face and several fractured bones in his face, along with two black eyes.

our parents are currently en route to california. i ask that you will keep their safety in your prayers as well. they should land in sanfran around 8:30pm (west coast time) then they are going to be picked up by a family friend and taken to their hotel and hospital.

if anyone would like to contact me, please feel free. my phone numbers are 423-571-3319 or 423-477-0366. my email address is karabattel@yahoo.com and i will be posting on my blog as well. www.battelfamily.blogspot.com

please forward this to anyone that you would like, the more people out there praying for him the better!

my sister's email and phone numbers are kelsey.higginbotham@marriott.com and her phone number is 919-906-8481

thanks so much we love you all. i will keep an update going as often as i can!
kara battel

Thursday, March 26, 2009

nothing like being down and out...

to make you want to be better, right?

we are all finally starting to feel better. there i said it. it better happen!

the kids have finished there last round of antibiotics. no more green goop, no more coughs, no more fevers, no more limp kid syndrome, no more yelling a me, no more yelling at them, no more "mommy up"-- we're getting better. i left the house for the first time in what felt like forever yesterday. we went to wal-mart and got some much needed items (a new vac. cleaner) and fisher a little motorcycle and ella a barbie... but we were out and about.

as soon as they got in the car, out came wipes and i pretty much bathed them in the car without the water. they didn't love it.

i worked last night- and got three audits done! yippee! only 2 more tomorrow morning... and then a whole new round comes (i don't mind getting some money honey... especially with my new vac)

but, chris is still mending. he still has a fever and is experiencing the nasty side-effects from antibiotics. but, he is doing sooo much better than before!

- i did have a doctor's appointment today, blood work should be back sometime tomorrow.

- reba has the kids. for as long today i need her to. oh thank you! thanks! thank you!

i am in my house with just me and the dogs... thanks! i think i am going to have a morning nap... clean up a bit... eat some lunch... and then THINK about when i should pick them up.

have a great day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

so... this is going to sound crazy

but we've got a lot going on! in this house... we are all going nuts!

chris came home from the race saturday to help with fisher so that i could get ella to the doctor again... you knew this... then, he went back so that he could go to the race (they all camp, in tents, in 30 degree weather) so... then, i come down with the same things that the kids have been fighting for two weeks... here, at the house, without chris. i feel awful, i have no desire to eat or do anything but sleep, and i have a semi-healthy fisher running laps around me...

then, we are making it through our day and the kids haven't eaten much (crackers, cheese, popcorn, all the healthy stuff) and chris calls from the campground... he is already in his tent, with chills, fever, everyone's donated blankets, and feeling like pooooooo.

so, moving on... we are all feeling better on sunday, chris stayed at the campground, i stayed home with the kids, and we are all thinking we're going to make it...

then... chris comes home from the race (with mark, nathan, and beau in tow) and they are sunburnt, stinky, tired, and chris is more sick sunday night... he takes off work monday morning.

i had been dealing with some pain in my right side since friday, and with chris taking monday off sick, i thought that i could go see someone about it... my office is booked until thursday (when i already have my physical scheduled) but i cannot breathe... the pain was just incrediable. so, i go to a walk-in clinic. they think that i am having a gallbladder attack and send me to the er for an ultrasound... at the er, they send me for ultrasound, ct scan, and hidascan (i don't know if that is how it's spelled... but it is written like it sounds) and they take 6 hours to complete all of this... with no real conclusive results. so, i was sent home with an antibiotic, pain meds, and anti-nausea meds... i call chris to let him know that i am on my way... ella's throwing up, he again has the chills, fever, ella fever, fisher still running laps around us all! i get all the meds filled plus an antibiotic for chris... we just cannot shake this funk!

we were supposed to have some friends from alabama come this weekend and relax a while, but i wouldn't want anyone walking into this mess!

so, we have seriously been sick since january, this house hasn't been whole in what feels like forever! and now that i spent our life savings in the er yesterday, the trip i was planning for in may might have to go on the back-burner (again)... who knows? we are just trying to get better one day at a time, but each day it seems to be something new!

chris did go to work this morning... ( i think he is better off there than here) and ella's fever is finally staying below 100, i am washing anything and everything that can be washed, and we are going to let the air flow through this house and hopefully get all the nasties out!

from what i understand, this stuff is "going around" and that offices around here are staying pretty full... i just want to know who started it?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

we've got a diagnosis

it's saturday, ella was up all night again.

i took her back to the doctor this morning (chris was called home from the race)

ella has the flu.

we are not shocked by this news, not even a tad bit.

we do have hope that she is actually on the tail end of it... meaning that by next tuesday or wednesday that she could actually be much better... keep your fingers crossed.

have a great saturday, we will be indoors watching movies ALL DAY LONG!

Friday, March 20, 2009

retake on last post...

so i know that i sound ungrateful and nasty and whiny and complainy... i don't like to be that way. and usually i am pretty upbeat and takes what is thrown at me in stride.

life is hard and what has been going on lately is just inconvenient. i know that is selfish and not right to post... i by no means think that i should live a "convenient" life... but really? all this? all at once? and then adding in the little nuisances of life...

example (put on your best "i feel so sorry for her face")

- the baby gate at the top of the stair broke-- DANGER
- no diaper bag at the doctor-- PAIN IN THE BUTT
- snot all over my house-- NASTY
- more laundry than one family of four should make--
- us out of town for 6 days
- husband out of town in opposite direction for 6 days
- hurt bubba
- chaotic trip to roanoke
- haircut that i don't know what to do with
- i have a hurt back (probably from carrying 90lbs of sick baby and purse)
- husband who doesn't know how to really help me
- in need of a pedicure, manicure, massage, drink, date, maid, laundry-doer
- i have several audits this and next week... 6 to be exact
- a dentist appointment
- a doctors appointment
- i want to go to a tanning bed (i haven't WANTED to do that in over 6 years)


and i forgot to mention that in the last post... chris cleaned, really cleaned the house the night that we were gone and he was still home, he cleaned it beautifully!

so, complain, whine, bitch, and groan... this will pass, i know. things do get better, i know. my wine fridge needs to be restocked... again. i know that this is life and that i do not in anyway have it "hard" i totally agree. i think that i am just a little (or lot) off balance.

have a great weekend and hope you enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

coming up a tad bit short

so this year i've had this daunting feeling that i am coming up a tad bit short. i feel like i am planning ahead, thinking ahead, trying to do the "right" thing for my kids, marriage, family, and friends... but it still just isn't working out quite right.

the most recent example, today, ella and fisher wake up with fevers well over 100, ella is so limp and unable to move on her own (with a little drama added in) fisher on the other hand is just a tad bit slower.

so, i call the doctor because they have been on antibiotics for three days and that just doesn't seem right. usually the antibiotic gods work their magic in less than 24 hours... not this time. the nurse says "you should bring them in, we need to check if it's pneumonia ( i don't know how the hell that word is spelled) or any other secondary infection.

i get dressed, get the kids dressed, pack drinks, snacks, and my purse all up. i KNOW that the diaper bag is in the car... not a problem.

i load up two kids (i carry 60 lbs of sick baby down my stairs and to my car) and my purse (30lbs on it's own) and head to the doctor.


example 2- when i went to roanoke, i complain to my dear husband that the house needs to be CLEANED, really CLEANED, like the kind you can't do with fisher in the house.

less than one week later, it is a disaster due to sick kids.

example 3- i am trying my hardest to lose more weight and get into my 5K training... i haven't gone to bed before midnight this week, and someone has woke my up at least once a night, everynight. who wants to run at 6:00am on less than 6 hours of sleep? not me.

so, i tell ya... i am one sad momma these days... i need a vacation in the worst way!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. p day!

go green! whoo hoo!

i've never really known much about st. patrick... the only things i do know are...
1- he's irish
2- wear green or you get pinched
3- drink green beer (yuck)
4- he resembles the guy from the lucky charms cereal box

that's it.

so this morning while i am getting the kids dressed, i tell them that they have to wear green. ella says "but i want to be pink. and fisher wants to be blue."

i cannot explain to them why we MUST wear green... so i tell her number 2--

all day through sam's, the bank, the grocery store, and walgreens ella walked up to random people who were not wearing green and says... "you're going to get PINCHED! my mommy said that it's a green day! why aren't you wearing green???"

this has really ruined her day. she has been angry with lots of strangers and not really that pleasant to be around. thanks ol' st. p! you have made my tuesday hilarious and my daughter rude!

when a girl wants to wear pink and cannont... her day is just shot.

Monday, March 16, 2009

mom and kels

here we are before kels left-- love and miss you already!

cat huntin' and evelyn

fisher and ella hunting for kitty cats
debra and ella

evelyn and ella and bubba

after ella's haircut we picked up some lunch and headed over to my great aunt and my mom's cousin house(which i guess makes me her cousin as well-- i don't understand family trees)so ella could show off her hair cut. they have a cat MR.C that isn't too into chaos and kids-- but, he was a really good sport and let the kids chase him around... fisher kept meowing and ella was really trying her best to get the cat into one of his beds... it was hilarious!

ella's first hair cut!

yup... she has never had a haircut...

she is almost 3 1/2 and i have never had the courage to cut it... but it was well overdue.

she did really well- and she loves her new do-- she wanted to have kelsey hair-- so... she got kelsey hair!

we cut about 7 inches off-- there was lots 'o hair laying all around her chair-- i didn't cry- but i almost lost it a couple of times. i never knew i was so attached to my babies hair!

welcome the newest addition

who's got the best legs to sleep on??? it's me!

i took the dogs and kids home to roanoke for the weekend while chris went to michigan to make some maple syrup with his family...

kels came in too with her new baby-- weiss (vice) and we got to give him some extra attention... like all good puppies deserve.

all we heard all weekend was ella saying

"i think he loves me all the day"

"weiss, where are you?"

"i think he needs to sleep in my pack-n-play with me"

"kels, will you pick him up for me?"

fisher saying

"no weiss no!"

"no puppy no!"

(weiss was a huge fan of fisher when he was eating or crawling around on the floor-- fisher not so much!)

sunny saturday

gracie post-bath

the scratches are from friday when fisher drove his tractor off of the front porch... not too bad for four steps of freefall action huh?

i love my big bad bubba-- and he looks so regal here!

this of course was from last saturday! haha!
my spot for at least 2 hours on saturday was this blanket-- how i love some spring time!

we were all wild and crazy during daylight savings... when chris came home on friday we went ahead and turned our clocks forward. we let the kids stay up really late and get all good and messed up on their sleep. saturday was pretty much the same... we were ahead of everyone and loved it!

so, come monday when i usually am cussing daylight savings... i was already wonderfully adjusted! and so was chris and the kids...

but, saturday was gorgeous and we were out all day! gracie got her bath (outside) and the kids helped- we had friends over, we played a little cornhole and just relaxed and enjoyed being one hour up on everyone else!

a walk in the park

i am a lot behind in my blogging... so prepare for a few posts today.

last weekend was beautiful! we took advantage of every single second outside!
we went to rooster front park and took a walk, fished, and played on the playground! it was wonderful!

the boys ended up matching- which i loved... but didn't plan for-- fisher is best outdoors where he can roam! we loved seeing him in his element!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my dancers for the day and fisher

here are the girls! and fisher... poor guy- he had 3 momma's today... but, he survived!

at this very moment...

(i am keeping molly- the little girl up the street- today... she will be going to ballet with us this afternoon)

but, at this very moment....

ella and molly are in MY bed to take a nap
fisher is in his crib

and they are yelling back and forth between the rooms...

fisher: "moooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy girl!"

ella and molly: "tisher... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! we have to sleep or no ballet"

fisher: "llllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

ella: "tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhherrrrrrr... hush!"

molly: " i love to dance"

ella: "my teacher is miss. holly"

ella: "shhh"

molly: "ok"

fisher: "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy girl!"

me... oh my... what have i gotten myself into now?

my poor bubba

yesterday i took the kids outside in the FRONT yard... i let bubba and gracie in the FRONT yard as well. the kids and i were playing with chalk on the sidewalk and the dogs were just laying nicely in the FRONT yard.

they are usually never allowed in the FRONT yard because our neighbors have SMALL TINY dogs... and one neighbor has about FOUR HUNDRED CATS. so... needless to say, they usually are never allowed in the FRONT.

but, since my heart has been altered to complete MUSH after seeing marley and me... i went against my beter judgement and let them in the FRONT yard.

the first HOUR was so wonderful. who knew kids like chalk so much??? and who knew how much my dogs needed to be with us in the FRONT yard?

when all of the sudden... two TINY CHIWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH dogs come out of their home two houses back. bubba gets up from laying nicely to a full on sprint in 1.2 seconds to go and see the TINY CHIWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. his sprint goes from 4 legs to only 3... he cannot walk or put weight on his back right leg.

i take him to the vet this morning and we've got two possibilities... he has a sprain in his knee (similar to us pulling a muscle) or he will need x-rays and possibly surgery. please say a little prayer for bubba-- it's pretty pitiful. we've got towels laying through the upstairs so he doesn't slip on the hardwoods and he is to be on strict bed rest through monday, when we go back for a follow up.

all for a TINY CHIWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! my 90 lbs beast wanted to play with a puppy i guess!
this is why i only let them in the BACK yard. EVER!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

come on sunshine!

i have been in my winter time funk. yup, i've been a little hard to live with... impossible i know!

but the future is sunshiny! i heard on the radio today that we might even see 71 degrees! oh, how i need some good vitamin D- (aimee don't come and rain on my warm weather parade) i know that in my last post i talked about this as well... but really i NEED it.

*** potty training news ***
it sucks.

now, there are some perks... he can pee on command. but really, what guy can't? he is so excited when he has peed that he almost cannot stand himself. ella is hilarious trying to "teach" him how to go #2 (sorry this is gross-- i should have put a disclaimer at the top-- consider yourself warned) it's hilarious... chris and i have almost on 2 occasions needed diapers ourselves. but, today he used the potty and then proceeded to go into his room and #2 on the floor-- happily- gross. he was really proud too-- yelling mommmmmmmmmma pooooooopooooooo! i screamed! ella is flipping out, the dogs have managed to get themselves under the bed-- i screamed, i shrieked, i almost cried! that is just GROSS! anyway, we are making progress-- but come on- hang on- let me be thankful- he can pee on command.

* in other news, i hurt my back. i did some funky workout on tv sunday night- cannot stand or sit or move comfortably- ella tells me this morning "i know why you hurt your back... it's because your panties are too big and you should wear diapers like fisher." then went right back to eating her breakfast! what?! thanks baby.

also... my sweet pea little girl at dinner last night was talking to our neighbor shawn who had stopped by for pizza... and says this- "you know the crazy momma from ballet... she puts hot sauce on her little girls tongue when she lies."

now, i turn red-- i love to use the line... "you know, the crazy _____" when i speak to my husband. he knows about all my "crazies" that i talk about... me being the ring leader of them all! but to hear it out of ella's mouth! i need to clean up my act! and descriptions of people! and remember that little ears hear EVERYTHING!

have a great day!

Monday, March 2, 2009

yeah! it's march!

happy march to all! let the spring come in! oh how excited i am!

weather report

mon- freezing
tues- little less freezing
wed- little more less freezing
thurs- 60 DEGREES!
fri- 60+ DEGREES!
sat- 60++ DEGREES!

you have no idea how pumped i am!

and kelsey and i registered for the 5K today! we will run it in may! whoo hoo! cannot wait!

training will start... uh... THURSDAY! when it's not F-F-F-FREEZING!