Thursday, December 18, 2008

what's going on--

here is what is going on with us lately-

we are still having trouble with ella wanting to sleep alone (she's just a huge battle)

we are so anxious for christmas to be here already! chris is walking around with a silly grin on his face all the time- (he looks so sneaky) and i have only wanted one thing for christmas-- new pots and pans! i know that isn't exciting or interesting... but when you want it... you want it

i am pumped for christmas-- chris doesn't know what i have bought the kids and i don't know what he bought the kids... so it's going to be exciting for us too!

i have my last audit for the year today-- ma and pa are coming to keep the kids for a couple of hours so that i can work (and finish some last minute shopping)

i have still been cooking- i have really come to love being in the kitchen- ella is liking it too and chris thinks me being "domestic" is pretty funny- he has been around for my daddy calling me ellie mae-- so... it's funny. but i love it-

last night was not a good dinner- i tried to make chicken (with soy sauce/pineapple juice)- it was in my opinion horrible- chris and fisher loved it... ella and i ordered a small pizza! perfect night!

so... biggest loser- i have to figure out how to do this-- i don't want to post weight-- so i think that we will just weigh in- once a week- and that way we can post our progress. i think that we should start today! so- who ever wants to join in... post your weight loss on a comment next week (i will remind you) good luck!

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