Tuesday, December 30, 2008

merry christmas and almost happy new year!

alright... i have been out of the blogging loop for a while now... we had an amazing christmas. we had beau and kendra (with farley and sandler) here for christmas eve and christmas morning. then, we went to my parents house for christmas evening (2 1/2 hours) and stayed through the middle of the 27th. we drove home and beau and kendra stopped in for one more night with us. it has just been us now for the past 2 days and it's been a whirlwind of fixing, cleaning, and a little bit o' cooking.

the 24th christmas party attendents: ava, zoe, jake, molly, payton, ella, fisher, beau, kendra, chris, me, jason, lisa, jeff, bubba, gracie, farley, and sandler. we had deep fried turkey, ham, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, carrot casserole, yeast rolls, buffalo chicken dip, chips and dip, and i sent the kids/adults home with a basket of goodies. it was lots of fun and jessica made the kids reindeer food (she got called into the hospital) and they all threw it off the porch for rudolph to eat. they had a great time and all the girls played dress up-- and ella dressed up then ended up with only panties on (we are trying to keep her off the pole- haha) it was crazy and chaotic... but lots of fun and really set the mood for santa.

chris read the kids twas the night before christmas. it was something that my dad did for us every christmas eve and i want my kids to have that same memory.

christmas morning was hectic and fun-- the kids were thrilled to see all their presents set out-- santa was good to our kiddies! the big things were a butterscotch pony for ella and fisher got kota the dino-- they are sooo cute and the kids really loved them. i thought that they were such a great, crazy, how cool- present! how toys have changed!

after opening presents we made breakfast- chris made my dad's famous biscuits and gravy--- i even made the biscuits- sausage and eggs (for the ella and i) then after breakfast we played and got the toys all working and even chris' toys!

i got the pots and pans that i have been dying for! i have been in such need of them-- i also got a wine fridge! it holds eight bottles and fits on the countertop! i love it! (while in roanoke i stocked the fridge) chris got a gps, wireless speakers, socks, and a grill light. it was a great christmas for us all-- (santa might have gone a bit overboard)

then while the kids were napping we got all the packing and loading of the car done. a couple loads of clothes washed and even cleaned the house up. it worked out pretty well!

off to roanoke and the trip went well- we made it in two hours instead of 2 1/2 (how i don't know... chris doesn't speed) anyway- roanoke bound!

santa had visited their house too! the kids were so excited to see mom, dad, kels, jopo, jarron and jaime was even there! we had just missed jeremy, denise, taylor and jase. my great-aunt evelyn and cousin debra were there for a bit too. it was great to see them as well (hasn't been since jarron's going away party that i got to see them)

ella was in the present opening mood and boy did they get presents! ella was over hearing about santa-- so she knew that mom and dad had got them their presents-- fisher got a train set and train table! ella got an art easel and tons of crowns, shoes, and dresses.

we got nanny a gps -- she gets lost everywhere and she seemed really excited about it. let's hope that she learns how to use it!

we got pop-pop a garage door keypad and his favorite chocolate covered cherries (i'm the only one who remembered this year!!!)

*****and chris got the hockey table that he so wanted!!!!********
thanks mom and dad!

after the kids were finally in bed we got to play some games with kels, jopo, jaime, and jarron. chris and i love playing board games and we got phase10 dice and sequence this christmas. they were both a hit- it was really nice to hang out with my brothers... it's been years! years! since jaime and i have been in the same room playing and getting along- it was a true christmas miracle! chris has always had a soft spot for jaime- so he kept playing with jarron and jaime both and i went to bed (kels and i have to shop!)

so, kelsey and i got up early on the 26th and went shopping-- we didn't spend much, we got a few things, but the sales were ehh-- so, so. we went to the limited and got a few things-- beautiful dresses and a couple of sweaters (for me) it was a great morning!

then we came home and just hung around the house- taylor came over and she and ella played quite a bit-- they get along really well- it always surprises me b/c they see each other only once a month.

jase came for a little bit in between naps- one day these boys will really get to play with each other-- but they have always seemed to be on opposite schedules.

later that night we were fixing dinner and fisher grabbed the top to the fruit (a can) out of the trash and sliced his hand between his thumb and pointer (the webbing part) so... off to the urgent care we went! it was our first time in the er/urgent care with a baby-- (chicken will shock me the day she needs to go to the er) we were there from 7:45- 10:45 (fisher goes to bed at 8) it was a trying time... he isn't usually fussy-- but he was hungry tired and moody-- he needed two stiches and they had to numb his hand and it was done.

so... we left the next afternoon with a stitched up hand... tons of presents... and dogs riding on top of presents! it was a whirlwind but great and exciting-- ella and fisher love my parents and it was such a great christmas with jaime and jarron-- and of course kelsey-- miss you already!

sorry for the long post-- i still have more to say!

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