Thursday, February 25, 2010

willing spring time

we here in the battel house are willing springtime to come, and come quickly! ella wore this to school today- so stinkin cute! the skirt is from old navy (it was less than 10 bucks) and we got it in two colors.

fisher has worn shorts everyday since saturday (when it was still technically too cold for shorts) and he wore them to school today- with snow boots ("uh, momma!? it's ah'snowing-- i need my boots") whatever weirdo :) i forgot to grab a quick picture of him! honestly he looked adorable-

and the cookies were essential to this snowy day-- seriously- we had more snow this morning! so, we made springtime cookies! (the kind that you make with a cake mix- oh so delish) well, here's to springtime coming soon!

our date night with the kids

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i felt strange all day knowing what i had posted about my mom. i don't know how much more i will blog about it- i have some very strong feelings and opinions about what is going on with her- and it might just get too heavy for a blog. but thank you so much for all those that responded and reached out and are now praying for my mom and my family. you have no idea how amazing that feels!

i didn't know what to think this morning when i realized that my dad and some other family members will/might be reading it- but, maybe through this we will all open up more about it. my sister and i have both been going though some of the same feelings about what is going on within our family. it is scary and weird and all a little hard to deal with.

so... to change the mood that i put myself in, i pulled my babies close to me and snuggled in the bed. we watched a movie, let them eat lunch on the countertop, didn't shower until 3 pm today, just tried to wrap my head around what i was feeling. i applied for some jobs- which, we will see what happens with that- putting that endevor in God's hands- i know that there is a plan, there is a solution, and it is out of my hands. i will do all that i am able to on the job hunt- and there will be peace within me.

we also went on our first "wednesday family date" which, i am thinking of making a bi-weekly event. we went to a local sandwich shop- i ate a salad that was fantastic- and then went bowling. it was the kids very first time and they did WONDERFUL! so much fun to see them do something new. i almost broke 100-- but didn't happen- i actually almost beat chris, but my two final gutterballs put that dream to rest.

i know that i have to take some time to find out what i want. what i need. and what my family needs. i don't want to do what everyone else is doing. i want to do what is perfect for our family. we are tied to so many people that are so much alike us- that we have built a common relationship, schedule, and community. it is wonderful and very needed. i just need to spend more time focusing on MY family before i go helping anyone elses.

i don't want to feel like i have missed out on anything- that is my biggest problem and fear. i love being involved in everything! i love to be in the "know" and not on the outs. that is what i am going to fast from. make it a goal to get out of everyone's business, and tend to my own.

so, with the struggles still looming from last night, i am calling it an early night, going to bed with a huge amount of hope and prayer. i know that the answers will come to me-- it will just not be on my time-- i'm sure of that. my time is fast and faster- now and before now. i will have to learn some patience and relax.

thank you again for the support and prayers.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i don't quite know where this post is going. i've imagined this blog being about the kids, adventures, everyday accomplishments and the like. however, lately- mostly today, i find myself struggling with some decisions that i've made. in the big picture, it's nothing... but in my day to day- they seem huge. i don't want to pretend all the time that things are fantastic and wonderful- and i'm not complaining- just thinking on the blog i guess... so, here it goes...

- to work or not work - it's the question. i love that the past 4 years i have been able to stay at home with ella and fisher. my kids mean more to me that i could even/ever imagine. i didn't want to be a "working mom" from the second that i had ella- it just wasn't in the cards for us- and chris was amazingly supportive. we've given up so much for me to stay at home with them- newish cars, trips, better clothes, shoes, new floors, huge playsets, fancy pictures, and dinners out. i've been committed to raising our kids. we both felt like without family around it would be better for "our family" for me to stay at home. but, now that they are older and wanting to do more-- should i be working?? should i work to that we would have more money in savings, a huge playset, a minivan, dinners out, new/fancy clothes, trips to relatives, better christmas gifts for family?? is daycare worth all of those things???

- my mom - we have found out that my mom has alzeheimers. i haven't blogged about it- i'm still pretty iffy about writing much. my mom has been through so much lately- and really for so long... i just don't know what all to say- i adore her, and miss her, and want her back. i'm so angry that it is happening to her- she is so young and is missing out on so much- my kids are missing out on her- i am missing out on her- my sister is missing out- and mostly- my dad. my heart breaks more for him than for anyone else. i love my dad so much- and i miss him too- i worry about what he thinks of her, what she is like with him, i wonder if he is as mad as i am about this. oh- it's too much.

- weight - oh what a weighty issue! i feel like i'm never going to be the perfect size that i want to be in my head- i have no idea how to be a skinny girl-- we are going to give the ol' p90x a go again- this time we are going to do more of the meal plan, 3 weeks of lower carb stuff- quitting the junk, etc. i will see what all this does- i guess you really have to make a "lifestyle" change- ha- with two kids running around me- cutting out the junk and my favorite-- sam's club take and bake pizzas is going to be sooooo hard for chris and i! but being healthier for my kids is more important to me now - than its ever been. i want to be here, be around, and be present in their lives. which brings me to...

- the clean house - why oh why is it so hard for me to keep a house clean!? my kids aren't sloppy- chris and i aren't sloppy, heck- our dogs aren't even sloppy-- but man- our house is! i have accepted that the main decor in our house is primary colored toys, barbies, army men, tiny shoes, panties and underwear, and dog hair- but really- every time i turn around the laundry is piled up and every room in the house is a wreck! a system is much needed! but, i swear i have ADD- especially when it comes to cleaning! i start on one thing- and in seconds i've moved to something else!

- fitting in - i love people, i am social, outgoing, and love a great party- but "fitting in" was always so important to me. i'm giving it up. going cold "fitting in" turkey. i don't care anymore- we aren't flashy, fancy, or elaborate. we are plain, dirty, and full of kids. we have "get togethers/parties" almost every weekend with neighbors and friends. our lives are full and rich in support. our children have amazing buddies-- we are so thankful for all that we have in our lives. but to fit in with everyone-- again... is going out the window. i saw on another blog that she was giving up facebook- or fasting from it- and i thought for a while- well, that is one fantastic idea! giving up what i'm doing/what you're doing/ what you think of my photos/ etc. doesn't sound that bad to me. it's all a part of fitting in.

ramble ramble- blah blah- i needed to get it out- to whomever that reads- thanks :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Watch Full Episodes Online - The Bachelor -

cannot wait for this! whoohoo! it’s almost over!

Watch Full Episodes Online - The Bachelor -

what a busy weekend!

We had such a busy and fun weekend. It started with this sweet little face that I have come to love just like my own kids. Molly girl is one of the funniest kids I have ever met- straight shooter and just plain beautiful! We celebrated her 4th birthday this weekend at her grandparents home-- it alone is stunning-- add a few pretty girls and handsome boys- you've got yourself a party! The pics through this post are all out of order- but I'll walk you through them.

Holy-Moly we had SUNSHINE this weekend! whooohooo! The boys did a number playing outside! I don't think that I said a word to Fisher the entire time he played-- he was so focused and played with those trucks like it was his job- gotta love boys!

Is this not the most beautiful boy you've ever seen! He is our Godson Ty- and we were so lucky to have them stop by for a little while on Sunday- We have been playing "sick kid avoido" since he has been born... with the swine flu, pneumonia, strep, bronchitis, colds, fevers, we have tried to avoid him at all costs-- till the sun came out!!! He was such a great baby- so sweet and even though it took the kids a bit to warm up to him... they finally did- so cute! And, to know that these kids are going to grow up together means so much to Chris and I both!

fisher and his "mad halo/gun fighter" face-- ready to take off and put on a show for beau and Kendra

the cute boys and ella-- awww we are so blessed and lucky to have such beautiful, smart, and healthy--

me and my precious Godson- we just might have the cutest one ever!

ella enjoying the trampoline-- OUTSIDE! our kids have been going CRAZY being inside due to this crazy winter weather we've been having!

molly's birthday cake- yup- i did it :)

who wouldn't kiss this face????

speaking of cute faces-- just needed to add in my dear sweet nephew weiss-- i give my sister a difficult time about how "cute" he is-- a face only my sister and brother-in-law could love- love you sister and thanks-- for everything (wink wink)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

a couple of things..

looking over my blog (which is mostly about my kids) i realized that i haven't posted enough lately about ella. ella is growing up so quickly and i know that i cannot stop/slow it down... but man i miss her being really little! she is a coloring fool- the girl could color all day and night if i let her! i will post some pics of her coloring- so, here at the superbowl "get together" she was coloring her valentine box for school. super cute!

i am not a huge sports fan- i love that sports exist, i just don't find that i am a "follower" of many sports. i'm not the girl in the crowd that -loves the game- by no means! but on superbowl night i wore the only thing i own that is "superbowl" related... a shirt with a fleur d'lie (if that's even how you spell it) and low and behold the saints win! *** it was because of the shirt- i know)

my 'nastics gal- she loves a great trampoline! we go to open gym at least once a week in the winter -- we are in serious need of some vitamin D soon! i feel like we haven't seen the sun in FOREVER!

a little announcement

men and women.... i have a new computer! a netbook to be exact. and i could not be more thrilled! thank you, thank you, thank you! i have dealt with the slowest computer of all time... and it has gone on to live in a better place! best buy had a trade in program-- and honey, it's been traded!

i have a few pictures to upload and a couple of events to post about-- soon! now that i have speed!!! and i can skype! i have a built in web cam! whoohoo! and i am soooo pumped!

have a fantastic friday and weekend!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ella's loves

Here are a few of ella's loves this Valentines day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


He has been wearing them all morning! Whoop whoop!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How sweet!

This is how I found fisher's bed after his nap- he got out of bed with such little damage! How sweeeeeet! He must have slept so snug!

I think we are over the snow!

This is where I found him- I think we need some serious vit. D!!!

Poor guy :( laying in the kitchen floor!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

biggest loser

i don't love the olympics. call me un-american, but i really don't "love" them. i think that it's cool and interesting-- but, again... i don't love them. however, seeing them on the biggest loser- pretty dang cool!

i wanna work out with olypic athletes! and jillian is getting on my nerves- just a side note :)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Good morning everyone! Have a fantastic monday!

Good morning!

Happy Monday morning!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Making some progress

What to do?

I have got to slipcover these nasty "couch and chair" but what color and where do I even find "nice" slipcovers?

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friday thoughts

i am learning that i have a bit of an obsession problem- i start to like something and obsess over it until- poof- the obsession is O-V-E-R! done, final, whatever.

so, here is what i have been obsessing over lately-

- caesar salads
- chips and salsa-- seriously the addiction to chips and salsa is unreal!
- redo my interiors-- all of them-- if we had more money of course :)
- the office (but that obsession doesn't really go away)
- my bed being made up first thing in the morning! (my dogs feel the need to hibernate in it while we aren't in the house- and i hate dog hair in my sheets)

i think that is about all at the moment-- but it's enough to throw some issues into my perfectly "normal" mind :)

happy friday!

Lounging at the gym

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Mohawk-- take 2

here's another shot of the faux-mo-hawk
(it's faux because it doesn't go all the way down the back of his head-- just the top -- does that make it better???)

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A baby mohawk

fisher got his hair cut again-- this time i think we have hit the nail on the head with a haircut that matches his personality perfectly!!!!

he has now... the faux-mo-hawk :)

and the little punk looks adorable!

... just kidding

my kids are out of school tomorrow... again i HATE FEBRUARY!

February love


my love/hate relationship continues... with the horrid month of february!

there are so many wonderful things about this month--
- chris' birthday
- valentines day
- it's the shortest month of the year
- it's a pink/red/purple love month
- it puts us one month closer to march and march = spring

but for some reason- i HATE february! i get in a funk and stay in a funk! i gain about 100 pounds in february! and it is so COLD in february!

but, i will try to love you. really i will try.