Monday, December 8, 2008

mustering up some inspiration

i have been in need of some inspiration to get out in the morning and run- instead... i have been making excuses about the weather and not feeling well- so i looked around to find some inspiration to get out of the bed- so i found something...

"someone busier than you is running right now"

i thought about it a while-- is there anyone busier than me???? no way! (haha)

so long story short- i got up, i ran with gracie (first time with her) and made it home and got ready for the day before the kids even got up! impressive huh?

-- now about my cooking--
last week we only ate out once (saturday was so busy and hectic with the parade, snow, and naptimes... that chris picked up pal's mmmmmmm... mmmm... it was great!)

so- no eating out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner -- including our pal's-- i made 20 meals for my family! whooohooo! pretty exciting for me! i have always loved cooking, but having the confidence to get in the kitchen and do it- so with the help of melanie and some taste testers i am doing it! i made my menu for the week yesterday- went to the store for my stuff and last night i made beef stew and corn bread (jimmy style) and tonight for the first time i made chicken and dumplings- they were wonderful! chris ate more than he should have... and i invited some of our neighbors (jess, jason, molly, and payton) for dinner and they all enjoyed it as well. it was a great time to be with our friends and even better that my chicken and dumplings were a huge hit!

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lacey said...

so happy that the dumpling turned out great! so...that means in march when the leatherwood's invade your house we have to have pizza and dumplings...but not at the same time:)