Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the opening of the umbrella

we got some excellent news today... chris was not "displaced" meaning he still has his job! we are thrilled! it has been a hard past few weeks trying to figure out the "what do we do if???" but... it was such a great feeling of relief this morning when he got his phone call.

second good news... the drain/garbage disposal is fixed. we went to walmart with the kids last night around 8:30pm and didn't get home till almost 10pm and the kids were in bed by 10:30pm. then we started the work of cleaning the dishes and putting the sink back together. so after lots of dishes and chris being my "mr. fixit" we were pretty proud of our accomplishments. i even donned myself "queen of the sink" last night. for those that don't know... i HATE cleaning dishes. i know that's dramatic, but i HATE it! there is a laundry list of things that i would gladly do before clean the dishes would come up.

however... i did get pretty thankful last night as i was going to bed... i am thankful that we even have a dishwasher and garbage disposal... and that we even have a garage. so my previous posts about the rain and all really was in regards to chris and the job situation. i feel like we now have more time to get all our "ducks" in a row, and we are fixing things one at a time. together too.

so... sorry for the dramatics... i will work on that.

as for my cooking that i am aspiring to do... i started tonight with my first made from scratch dish. i made potato soup and grilled cheese. not difficult or time consuming, but delish!

i didn't even take a picture because it was all gone! i know that making potato soup isn't a big deal, but i made a dinner for the four of us (plus jenn) for less than 7 bucks! amazing huh? i am not trying to be the TOP CHEF, but just making dinner instead of eating out. so far so good. (monday was pot roast, tuesday was taco bake) on the menu for tomorrow is meatball subs and homemade mac and cheese. (can't wait for the mac and cheese)

we also started getting the christmas stuff out. slowly. but it's coming together. chris is actually at walmart again tonight to buy me some bookcases (the big ones) to go in the family room on both sides of the tv... we need some shelving units and these are cheap and will serve the purpose. (i don't buy good stuff till the kids are older- it's my BIG rule)

so... thanks for all that said a little prayer for us... we are going to make it and thanks. we are thankful people tonight!


lacey said...

love the crown...LOVE the gotee...and so glad that everything worked out!

Melanie said...

Oooo, potato soup is one of my favs. Your dinner menu sounded great! I love the meatball subs and mac n' cheese...sounds like an all american meal! I think my hubby would enjoy that more than chicken soup (which is on our menu for tonight)! :-)