Monday, October 27, 2008

our monday

fisher woke up this morning feeling much better- i think that his runny nose has EVERYTHING to do with cutting those glorious first year molars- (they are HUGE) so... that crisis just might be averted-

ella's party is this weekend and i am starting to make a mental list of all the things that we are needing to do for it- you know those really essential things like...
-painting baseboards (wanted to do this for 1 year)
-cleaning out closets (seasons are changing- and everyone will look in her closet)
-retiling the kitchen floor (fisher throws pans on the floor and cracks a tile daily)
-replacing my countertops (hate them- nuf said)
-losing 20 pounds (right... the battle continues)
-refinishing my kitchen table (there is food that belongs to my table top-actually belongs there- as in "that's just part of the table)

and then the other things like...
-plan an entire pink and purple menu (ain't happening)
-basic cleaning
-making a cake
-figuring out a decent menu
-somehow incorporate halloween

you know... those lists are starting to overwhelm me- so my solution- i think that i should start drinking my wine now and take lots of pictures and remember it that way! haha!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

another fisher first

fisher went to john and reba's yesterday with chris- this was his first time doing an overnight without ella and i! (chris was at the football game for bedtime)

so... congrats to reba who said that it went great and that fisher was really good for her. she said there was no hitting, biting, or being mischievous.

he then came home and bit my arm (causing it to bruise) and laughed- which then resulted in him going to timeout and me being VERY angry!


well- since my last post we have experienced some form of sickness- FANTASTIC!
it started last wednesday- chris woke up with some kind of stomach bug- stayed home from work- so me and the kids left the house for the morning so that he could sleep

by 1:00 i was not feeling great so nap time i slept and then sent chris out for dinner- i didn't want to smell or cook dinner in the house

by 12:30am ella was screaming because she had thrown up

fast forward to last night- fisher never got the stomach bug- (iron stomach) but he now has a cough that barks and a nasty runny nose- this week (AKA round 2) will be equally FANTASTIC!

(ps- i only handle sick children for 24hours- then i quit)

Monday, October 20, 2008

oh my - it's funny

Family Guy - Lois Mom Mum Mommy - video powered by Metacafe

i found this on someone else's blog- i watched it three times- tears- actual tears of laughter-- chris was across the room and said "what was that?" came and looked- he had tears as well! hope that you enjoy as much as we did!

hot roller baby

ella wanted to have curly hair like aly grace... so we thought that hot rollers would work... as you can see- they don't...

kelsey has this kind of hair- curl and curl and curl and nothing happens... so ella has inherited it from kels!

pumpkin patch

fisher climbed up into the tractor all by himself and didn't want to EVER get off of it. if there was ever a boy who was ALL BOY- i found him!

we went to stickley's corn maze last week- we had a great time... we went on our first hay ride, played in the kid corn maze, and ella and fisher befriended this kenny rogers look-a-like and helped him build a fire.

the kenny rogers look a like

happy birthday aly grace!

ella's very dear, best, bestest, sister friend aly grace turned three! we usually do aly and ella's parties together- but since they moved, aly got her own party- on her actual birthday! we took cake, cookies, and pizza to her house and partied it up- girls only (plus fisher-poor guy) and it was great! happy birthday aly grace- we love you!


shawn came over a couple of weeks ago... and wore ROLLERBLADES! he skated around with the kids forever! they all loved and had a great time- ella now wants her own skates...

Monday, October 6, 2008

somethings i know for sure

oprah always has these articles or notes from her called "some things i know for sure" and i thought that i would do one for you!

i can no longer be a trampoline hater.

i have been one forever! i love jumping on them... i love playing on them... but i hate looking at them. in the spring we broke down an bought one for our backyard. it wasn't until this past week that i started loving our trampoline... i have learned to embrace and accept our backyard with a trampoline in it- only and i mean ONLY because my children get soooooooo much joy from it-

i also know that fisher or boys are in general SO much BEYOND DIFFERENT than girls. fisher has blown my mind with all that he can do- and all that he won't do- even thought i know that he can!
fisher had been going up and down this slide since before he was one- and i think that it took ella about oh... till three weeks ago to trust herself enough to go down the slide without the help of me or chris waiting at the bottom. fisher takes on this slide with gusto and such pride- he is even going down standing up-

ella's hair - chris' turn!

since chris was gone on saturday (and on tuesday and wednesday for work) i decided that sunday would be a great day for "Talk to your Daddy about it" and "Go find your Daddy" and "What did your Daddy say" and "oh, let your Daddy do that" Day. it went great! i got lots of things done- relaxed and even took a little nap...

chris got to attempt to do ella's hair- she wanted pig tails- so my response was "tell your Daddy about it" i thought that i would help and do one of the pig tails... and the other was done by Daddy-- you take a look for yourself!
so she had to do the swing test- daddy's pig tail did not pass the test. i think that this is the first time- the only time that chris has ever had to do her hair himself!

emmie and fisher

chris and shawn went to the UT game on saturday night and left their poor wives at home with sick children (ella was feeling just fine) fisher and emmie have been fighting colds all week- late nights, coughs, nasty noses, fevers, etc... so jenn and i combined forces saturday night for dinner and baths- this was emmie's first bath without a baby tub or seat- she navigated the tub like a pro!

beau and kendra

beau and kendra are fisher and ella's God Parents- they were in town for a quick visit late friday night and part of saturday- ella went crazy for them- for the second that they showed up! fisher hasn't been feeling well all week- so he was still very into being my favorite "momma's boy"

i was trying to get in a few "family" photos of them- it took quite a few shots- they were all great and funny!!!

more horse days

here are a few more pictures- fisher and emmie both rode the horses- it was really a proud moment for me-- he just seems so fearless! i know that it's mostly the age- but he is a bulldozer of a baby and by the end of the morning- fisher was quite tired and ready for a great nap!

horse days 08

i am a little behind in my blogging--

we went to Horse Days last weekend- it was held at our local farm supply store- free for kiddies- a few animals- a calf, goat, sheep, a couple of bunnies, and two horses.

the kids could get there face painted, color pumpkins, and eat some apples. we really had a nice time there- we ran into angie, andy, and drew- and shawn, jenn, and emmie came with us- fisher and emmie really have a thing for each other (wink, wink)

fisher was a real COWBOY riding one of the horses-

ella was more interested in the fish pond inside the store- so we let her be happy there and didn't push the horse back riding!