Thursday, December 11, 2008

a day of christmas baking

my friend/neighbor jenn came over for a day of christmas baking today. the kids were not in the mood (more on that later) for leaving the house... fine by me- it's been gross here. rain + wind + more rain + clouds = cabin fever = grumpy kids = mad ol' momma.

so, to lighten the mood- jenn brought over 3 of her recipies and i did two of mine (we ran out of time)

it was a great way to do some baking and enjoy our kids and ourselves at the same time- she did it by herself last year and i think that i attempted to do it... but i really can't remember.

so... we made- what she calls davy crocketts (we call them buckeyes or peanut butter chocolate balls, toffee crunch (we call them sweet and salty bars), and coconut macaroons, and i made a peanut butter log roll (pinwheels) and chess cake/bars. yum. lots o' sugar and lot's o' butter, and lot's o' goodies sitting in my fridge. be with me willpower! if anyone wants recipies i would be glad to pass them out!

by the way-- we still haven't eaten out since saturday (lunch/pal's) tuesday we had steak/potatoes/rice/salad (chris' night) and last night we had chicken parmesan and for dinner tonight pancakes and sausage! ( we all love breakfast for dinner!)

have a great friday!

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