Friday, December 19, 2008

windy friday!

it is soooo windy here! the weather is taking a turn and the winds are coming in! we have had non-stop rain for the entire week-- (hence the elliptical machine instead of morning running) but today it was so pretty this morning- then the winds came in! it is soooo windy!

we actually left the house (we had not done that since ballet on monday) and to finish some last minute christmas shopping. then we headed over to aly grace's house for ella to get some 3 year old playtime in. (they really miss each other)

tonight we are going to chris' work party (and the kids are coming) yeah! i have tons of presents left to wrap-- and then to start planning a christmas menu! we are still trying to figure out "our" family traditions that we want to start with the kids. we will visit chris' parents again before christmas and then head to my parents on christmas day (that night) to spend with my side of the family. i have a tradition of shopping the after-christmas sales with my mom and sister... we get up early and head out!

i will have pictures of the kids from tonights bash! have a great friday!

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