Wednesday, July 1, 2009


molly got two bunnies. here is the proof. they are not ours. they do not have long to live... as a matter of fact the black one has already gone to heaven... it was replaced by two more bunnies. again... they do not live here.

ella's ballet recital

ella had her first ballet recital in june. it was really just the cutest thing that i ever could have seen!

chris and i were so proud of her and her 1:30 dance... i was seriously "that mom" with a few tears running down my cheek!

when their curtain came up she and the rest of them froze waved and grinned... they didn't do but the last 15 seconds of their dance!

it was so sweet!

my little ballerina was so pretty and i couldn't have had a better time!


today is slightly overcast... which in the land of nod my kids take extra good naps!

went down at 1:30... still asleep at 4:38pm--

some might ask just what do i do with all that time?
- put away 3 loads of laundry (chris and i)
- cleaned out my dresser drawers
- started another load of laundry
- cleaned kitchen
- took a shower
- and now... blogged

can't ever complain about a partly sunny day :)