Thursday, April 30, 2009

a visit and a rehab session

so our evening started with a little rehab session for bubba's back leg. i thought that if he got some time in the water that we would use his leg some more and it would start to help him get on the road to recovery. however, mom and i ended up chasing ella and fisher in and out of the water... with their clothes on! all the way down to their socks and shoes! it's still APRIL! we don't swim in tennessee in APRIL! they were having the time of their lives! it was really funny!

ella kept running around and mom would chase her all over- somehow though, mom didn't get wet... me on the other hand... my shoes were soaked! fisher kept running in and his diaper would bouy him up and he would rotate... and laugh! he wasn't scared at ALL! he made me a nervous wreck!

fisher takes after his daddy-- full on crack!

the kids were so happy and the water actually wasn't all that cold-- i just couldn't believe that they actually did it!

me and mom at warriors path state park

ella's new haircut-- she and i both went and chopped off a little more hair-- she loves her new do!

charligne and mike (my aunt and uncle) from florida stopped by on their way back home... we only get to see them about once a year... so it was a fantastic visit!

the kids did really well entertaining them-- fisher especially-- he is a little more open to visitors than ella- she's my shy chicken :)

charligne cuddled up with the kids and read them the new books that she and mike brought... our kids LOVE books... especially books about bears, trucks, or little girls-- they did a fantastic job!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

leatherwood visit

where we found fisher when he went missing...

our dear, sweet, amazingly NICE, good friends from alabama came for a visit this past weekend... we love having them here and they are really such GOOD NICE people that we always gain a little perspective when they come in town. i am so in love with lacey and john-- chris and i secretly want to be them-- they keep us so entertained when they are here and we love having them... i am wishing over and over that they would just move on up here and live in our downstairs, split the house payment and bills and we could live happily ever after :)

i don't have tons of pictures because we always end up having such a good time that i forget about my camera! i am going to have to steal them from their camera.

sierra- the most amazing next-door neighbor who babysits and loves our kiddies... she took the kids for a ride around the circle while we were setting up for cornhole in the backyard. what an amazing young lady she is! we are so lucky!

the kids taking their "tennessee baths"

eating one of our endless dinners! i love ella's face below...

to our sweet friends that we can't imagine life without you guys! jb is such a doll and we were so glad that we got to spend some time with you-- miss you guys like crazy and cannot wait for your return visit! or... a trip to savanna, ga! love you guys!

mia blogging/ miss. addison

i've been a little m.i.a. in the blogging world... don't worry- i'm back!

let me introduce miss addison grace-- my dear friend margaret and her husband adopted their second daughter in february-- this past week i FINALLY got to meet her. we were so sick jan/feb/march so i never made it around to visiting...

a quick insight to these pictures... ella has never paid any attention to a baby... on this day, she couldn't leave her alone! she wanted to rock, hold, and talk to miss addison! it was to me just the most precious thing she's ever done!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a little vacation to kelsey

i took a little vaca from my "real world" this past weekend...

and let me just tell you-- it was nice ;)

chris took last friday off so that i could leave and drive to see my sister-- she is all the way in holly springs, nc (about 5 1/2 hours from me) i drove with no dogs, no kids, and no husband for the first time in 8 years!

the plans were minimal- no real schedule, no real to-do's, with the exception of a wine festival-- yup a festival dedicated to wino's! and a pat green concert. now, a little background on all three--

1- kelsey- she is my favorite sister (and only). we are separated by only 5 years. she is be best friend (wink wink chris) and she is so amazing! i love her so much and i was so glad that i got to visit her without my entourage :) she got married last july and moved to

2- wine festival- wine is my drink of choice. i used to be a white zin drinker, but now i have branched into pinot grigio and mascato-- i like sweet wines (b/c i am sweet) the fact that there was an entire day dedicated to wine and the drinkers of this fine beverage-- tickled me to no end!

(there was a skoal (smokeless tobacco) tent set up-- yes, skoal and wine a fab combo! but as most of you chris is a dipper and i stopped in to show how much i love him-- picked him up some free dip (economic times you know) and took a picture for proof!)

3- pat green- there isn't a man other than my husband that i love this much! i have loved him for over 9 years and i have never seen him in concert. he is huge in texas and just hasn't seemed to make a huge splash in mainstream country. that doesn't disapoint me in the least. i think that he is amazing and wonderful and pretty and talented and just everything i love!

so, i went on down to north carolina on friday-- we grilled steaks and just hung out for the evening. kels and i took a little stroll around her HUGE neighborhood and then called it a night-

saturday morning- i drank an entire cup of coffee on the deck with my feet up! jealous? thoughtso! we painted our toes, played with weiss (the puppy) and just really relaxed!

weiss the puppy

went to lunch with a quick stop for me some new sunglasses and on to the wine festival! it was a beautiful day, sunny, breezy, and full of wine vendors! we sampled lots of different types and ate a funnel cake (i know... what type of festival is complete without funnel cake?)

after the festival we got some pizza and hung out again on the deck with a friendly game of scrabble-- i am not gloating or bragging... but i won!

our very intense game! think jopo think!

sunday morning kels and i went for a great walk with weiss to get him good and tired. we spent the morning and most of the afternoon shopping in a mall-- a real mall. no kids, no strollers, no diaper bags, no nap time, no baby wipes! it was glorious!

chris called me around 2 to tell me how the kids were doing-- he asked what we were doing- i said "we are trying to decide what we want for lunch" then i hear... "uh kara, honey it's almost 2:30pm and you haven't had lunch???" yes, glorious i tell ya!

then... we went to see pat green!

i will let the pictures speak for themselves!

i loved every second that i was with my sister! i love you and i can not wait to see you again! miss you already! and thanks for letting me find me again!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

jarron update

jarron had his surgery on his cheekbone this afternoon (12 his time--)

we were very lucky that a family friend (missy) was able to take him, sit with him, and will be taking care of him tonight at her house (or he can stay at the hospital tonight- which ever he prefers).

his cheekbone according to the doctor and missy-- was rotated and sunken in--

they made three incisions, one under his eye, one to the side of his eye, and one in him mouth. from there they rotated it and pushed it back forward and it is being held in place with two titanium plates. those will stay in forever.

he is going to be pretty swollen and possibly another black eye (his others have finally gone away)

he is currently in recovery-- when i know more, i will update more.

thanks again to everyone and especially missy and her family for all their help and support for jarron!


Monday, April 13, 2009

a love match... and a birthday party

our little buddy cole turned two on saturday- we went to the party in bristol and as you can see... ella fell in love all over again! isaac is one of chris' buddies from high school and college, little boy-- (catch all that?)

ella and isaac have hung out before- superbowl parties, birthday parties, and football games... but they were "in love" this night! hilarious!

they drove around the back yard together, ate pizza and cake together, and even discussed marriage (the marriage talk comes from kels' wedding last year) and this to me is so cute!

and fisher had the time of his life! wide open spaces, lots of people laughing at him, bikes to ride, pizza, cake, icing, what more could a little boy want?

some serious coloring of the eggs :)

we colored eggs on friday night-- this concept is still pretty foreign to fisher- but ella really got the hang of it, and loved it! since then, she has asked to color eggs every morning!

they did really well- not too many messes and fisher only spiked about 8 of his eggs on the floor -- classic fisher--

miss gracie ann

a while back i had an entire post dedicated to bubba-- well it's time i did one for gracie.

here is miss gracie ann with her biggest buddy, pal, partner in crime, etc ever! she has gained at least 15-20 pounds since fisher has been eating real food! but... she is amazing and lets them do ANYTHING to her! even take naps!

thanks miss gracie for being so amazing with our human babies!

fisher calls her "cie cie" and we think that it's the most adorable name for her (even though i detest the nick name "sissy") this sounds totally different (i hope)

snow from april 7 2009

here are a few shots from the snow that we had last tuesday-- i know it's been almost a week for these... but i forgot that i even had them! happy snow day! had the kids around here not been on spring break- you bet your booty that they would have been out of school for this one!