Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i'm back!

we were out of town saturday and sunday (visiting inlaws and neices) it was a wonderful visit. we had not seen chris' brother and family since ella's birthday... and that was such a chaotic day (smiles) that we didn't get to really hang out with them. so we met at chris' parents and did a little early christmas.

i got to go shopping with laura-- which is something that i miss so much (she is quite the name-brand shopper now-- and she's only 12)

ella didn't speak to chris or i all weekend because she was with elaina-- and fisher was fisher... being the only boy is a tough job-- but he is soooo up to the challenge.

i got the exciting job of having a sleepover with ella and elaina- we pushed two twin beds together (i again am not a co-sleeper) and it went something like this...
me, ella, ella's bubba, christmas duck, lucy the guinea pig, tinkerbell the groovy doll, pink blanket, baby bubba, penny the dalmation, elaina, elaina's fringe blanket, bear, bubba, and gracie-- i again am not a co-sleeper-- it was a rough one for me-- but, i wouldn't have done it any other way

we did a nature walk on sunday morning with me, chris, laura, elaina and fisher- bubba and gracie leading -- elaina found a turtle shell and some type of skull- yuck- she kept it and at one point asked if i could put them both in my jacket pocket while she climbed a hill (i did... not want to.... but i did... and then soaked my hands in very strong soap) gross.

but merry christmas girls- we love you and it was so much fun!

and laura i will comeback in sequence!

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