Sunday, December 21, 2008

fantastic news!

we just found out today that our christmas eve and christmas morning will be here with our kiddies and beau and kendra! (and of course farley and sandler)

we love when they are here and i cannot wait for this christmas morning-- every year since we have had kids we've been like "oh, this is going to be the best christmas" and every christmas we say it again!

so-- now to planning a menu- we won't be at our house for christmas day dinner- so, we are going to have a christmas eve dinner bash! we are planning on having some neighbors over and also beau, kendra, and the dogs... so plenty to feed and lots to do! i cannot wait! i have been dying to get in the kitchen and whip up some fantastic christmas treats-- hopefully i will have plenty of time (with chris on vaca starting tuesday) and with an extra set of hands... i should be the happiest momma ever!

have a great week!

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