Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the biggest loser

holy cow! did you see those people! what a fantastic show-- real motivation huh?

wouldn't you just love to lose that kind of weight!?

it's taken me almost a year to lose (and keep off) 25 lbs. i don't know how long that show runs but i know its got to be less than a year and they are losing hundreds of pounds!!!!

so... who wants to play biggest loser with me?

kels and i are already gearing up for a 5K race in the spring... but now... i want to be a loser! i don't have 100 pounds to lose... but a good 30-40 would be awesome! so... let me know if you want to play... and we will figure out how!


Catholic Runner said...

I not only want to play. I need to play!! It's getting ugly here!

lacey said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am so in...one of my goals is when we come up to see you guys that I will be able to run with you! SO I AM IN...BIGGEST LOSER HERE BIG GIRL COMES!

Melanie said...

sure...I'll be a local support for you! I have a good 20 lbs or so to loose...it's best to do it with accountability!