Saturday, December 20, 2008

no pics...

we went to the christmas party last night- and it was pretty much what i expected- fisher was a handful, ella started off pretty shy and then turned it to the ella show, and chris and i both left exhausted and worn out-- the party was great and everyone didn't mind that the kids were there-- and everyone had encouraging words about fisher and his "boy-ness"-- we were so busy making sure that fisher and ella didn't break anything in his boss' home that i didn't even get the camera out-- so sorry- no pics-
but... at the party-
i couldn't tell you how many times i heard "oh, wow! he is all boy" or "i bet he is tough" or "you've got your hands full with that one" or "oh, he is just being a boy" or "aren't boys sooo different than girls!"

all of these comments make me two things...
1- nervous
2- scared

nervous- what do people say when we leave??? what do people think when we are coming over? do people still want to hang out with us?

scared- will this crazy, rough, tough, hard-headed, doesn't listen, isn't scared, does't hurt, etc boy ever slow down? will i ever get to sit still for a moment when he is awake and not strapped in a high chair or car seat?

i just don't know!!!!! i love him, and oh, he is soooo sweet, and he wants to be helpful, but oh my-- he is CRAZY.

we went to chuck e cheese today for a birthday party- he was running all over the place and ella was scared out of her mind of the mouse! (i mean really, it's a mouse, but whatever- at least she was still)

we went to dinner with two of our neighbors and there kids tonight- fisher was in a high chair and so he was fine- but ella was chasing the boys all over the place-

then... by mistake we went to wal-mart for a couple of needed items-- they had that pony (furreal- s'mores pony) at the front when you walk in-- we stood there for about 20 minutes so ella could warm up to the pony and talk to it... fisher is with chris in a cart-- but by the end of the hour long wal-mart trip- we were over our children- they were well behaved and rode in the carts- but they were yelling back and forth DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDY-- dadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddy-- DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDY and people were just looking and laughing-- i turn to chris and say -- "i am usually doing this all by myself... think about that"

by the time the kids were in bed-- he looks at me and said the sweetest thing ever--
"i don't know how you do it" ah... music to my ears! i think he is starting to panic- he is on vacation starting tuesday- through the 5th-- whooohooo for me!!! kiddie shock for him!

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