Thursday, December 18, 2008

oh what a sweet surprise!

i had my last audit of the year today- really nice rep. i enjoy the audits so much when they are friendly- some panic and stress and freak out when they get a phone call from me... (again... que the evil music)

so, the in-laws came to babysit while i did my audit. ella was thrilled and ran around yelling ma and pa are here! (so sweet) and fisher seemed pumped as well.

they left shortly after i got home (about 4:00pm)- while i was out for the audit... i called ol' daddy dearest- we were needing to make a gift swap BEFORE christmas (can you see my silly little grin now- chris has NO idea- and that is hard to pull off) so- my dear daddy loaded up the truck (the gift took up most of truck) and he and mom came to be my early sneaky santas (they drove 2 1/2 hours for me here... 2 1/2 on the way back)...

i sent chris and fisher out of the house to pick up dinner and all is well in ho ho ho land!

mom and dad hung out for a while and ate dinner- then drove on back home (a 7 hour sneaky surprise-- THANK YOU!)

ella was again pumped to see nanny and pop-pop! she has been talking about pop-pop so much lately and last week she was talking to mom and asked her to come and pick her up- just come on nanny! come and get her!

but, before they left tonight ella asked pop-pop what he wanted for christmas- his response- "just for you to come to my house for christmas" she says "okay" and now... that is all that we are hearing about- "i could wear a bow for pop-pop's christmas!, nanny needs to see me for christmas, santa knows where nanny and pop-pop live, blah, blah, blah!)" oh... it's going to be a LONG week before christmas!

then... to top it off this was the last sentence before bed-- "i got to see my ma, pa, nanny, and pop-pop today! whoa, who is coming to my house tomorrow?"

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