Wednesday, December 10, 2008

making some progress

i knew that if i just admitted it... that ella would eventually start to turn around... the beginning may just be in sight.

last night chris looked at me while i am making plans to have a neighbor (thanks jenn and shawn) come over to help take christmas pictures (so i could have the "entire" family in the picture) and said "just stop. you are the busiest person i know. just stop. just relax. stop. breathe. everything will get done. promise." and like the wonderful husband that he is... he was right. everything will be okay, and everything will get done.

i just have to stop and remember that "being" with my kids and him... is different that "being with my kids and him" i have to remember to take in the moments- even the little ones and enjoy them. we haven't even gotten to boys yet with ella and i am starting to freak!? or hannah montanta for that matter.

i start to get a little panicky toward the end of the year- i start to wonder if i have done everything that i had set out to do...

well... when it comes down to it- who cares???? the to-do list has got to be thrown out! (and i love lists!) i have lists everywhere (thanks mom for that quality) on the bathroom mirror, the fridge, the nightstand, grocery lists, shopping lists, things to do lists, project lists, in my head lists-- and half the time i forget to even take them with me!

so-- today-- we went to playgroup and picked up some pictures from sam's, came home and the kids took their naps, i worked out,i started dinner (and it was really good tonight- chicken parm) and when they woke up-- we PLAYED for a good hour or more before chris came home. then we all ate dinner together. and while eating dinner- ella said that she wanted to "put on her bedtime clothes, go downstairs, turn on the fireplace, and snuggle and watch dancing with the stars while i rubbed the palms of her hands"


it was a great night!

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