Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year's eve...

we have a couple of choices for new years eve... which will likely mean that we will try and do multiple things... which also means that i will be overwhelmed and exhausted and stressed-- so, instead- we are going with the flow of the day-

having chris here on vacation has a real calming effect on our household.

so, i am going to take ella over to a friends house for a couple of hours to play and hang out- then we are having some friends over (the canadians and her brother-- once again used a term of love) for a dinner and game night.

i am making some new years resolutions though-- i love resolutions!

1- lose the last of this baby/fat girl/ eat too much/etc weight
2- and start saving for the kids/house/car
3- start going to church with the kids as often as we can

we always have the best of intentions with what we do... it just isn't always followed through. so... have a safe, happy, fun, exciting new year! i hope that 2009 is wonderful and prosperous for all!

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