Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my sweet little ella

oh- i am having a bit of a hard time with ella. she is getting to be out-of-control. she doesn't want to listen, she doesn't want to help, she doesn't want to sleep on her own, she doesn't want to sleep, she doesn't want to eat, she doesn't want fisher touching her stuff, she just isn't my ella- my sweet little ella.

i am having such a difficult time with her turning three- i think that my expectations aren't crazy- i want her to listen- i want her to be helpful, i want her to have fun, i want her to enjoy her little life!

i stay at home for a reason- i have never wanted my kids to be limited to my time- and lately- i feel like i have been limited. i haven't been focusing on them- i have been home, but i have been busy- we are busy with christmas and "doing things" and i think that we have been burning our candle at both ends. i have been managing a "social life" for our family instead of concentrating on us being a "family" and spending time doing "family" things-- not being in the same room and being busy doing separate things.

so- last night we had a meltdown- all of her dresses got taken away from her- (that is the ultimate punishment for a girly-girl to have to wear pants!) she and i have a huge talk last night and she seems to understand--- till this morning when she has already been in time out three times (it's currently not even three o'clock) and just doesn't seem to "get it" i am heartbroken about my buddy being in trouble ALL THE TIME!

i love her so much and i cannot let her get the best of me- so... good luck to me! (and chris)

we are all in need of a serious attitude adjustment- we will see how it goes!


Sue said...

Kara, I'm sorry to hear this is such a frustrating time with Ella. Everybody talks about the "terrible twos," but I found with my girls that every age comes with its phases. Some are sweet, but many of the behaviors are not what I like to see! Just remember, this too shall pass.

Lindsey said...

Hang in there. My son is only 4 mo old so I haven't ran into that yet. :-)

Kelsey said...

i think shes just in need of some "Kelsey and JoPo" time. Feel free to ship her to north carolina anytime! :)

Jill said...

OH MY GOODNESS... I am laughing so hard. Your little girly-girl was punished by taking away her dresses and she had to wear pants. That is a great idea~ I'll have to remember that when I have kids someday.