Saturday, December 6, 2008

saturday- a really busy saturday

my house has turned into a winter wonderland- a christmas explosion! i love it! ella and i baked cookies tonight (at 8 pm)

nanny and pop pop sent early christmas ornaments and now that we have the tree up- the kids got to open them! thanks! emmie came over with jenn to hang out for a bit--

fisher and ella both have chapped cheeks from the parade this morning- it was a great saturday for us-- very busy... but really nice to have a christmas-sy day!

we did the parade this morning- for ella's ballet class. ella and i are the second from the left. it started snowing during the "lining up of the parade" just a few flakes, but by the end of the parade it was full blown wet snow and i looked like i had a spiral perm! ella loved it and fisher and chris went and got our christmas tree and made it back to the parade.

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A Balancing Act in Heels said...

your babies are precious!

by the way, you've been tagged. see my blog! :)