Monday, March 30, 2009

more jarron!

my parents landed last night and went straight to the hospital. there they were greeted by my brother laughing and joking with the nurses, eating, and watching tv. he is doing remarkably well and we are all so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers and well wishes for my brother!

he will continue to have tests done today and i will update about those, and they are considering moving him out of ICU today as well!

my parents will being going to the hospital around 11:00am (after doctor's rounds) that's 2pm our time... and then they will give me today's update.

thanks again to all of you! i know that through prayers and well wishes our brother was able to come out of this horrible accident. please continue to pray for my family, my parents, and especially jarron. we love and appreciate all that you have done for us!

to all of my friends in tennessee... thanks so much! i am so blessed to have such an amazing support group here and it shows how wonderful you all have been to accept me into your circle of friends. i am forever grateful for each and everyone of you and all that you have brought to my life.

thanks again!

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