Thursday, March 19, 2009

coming up a tad bit short

so this year i've had this daunting feeling that i am coming up a tad bit short. i feel like i am planning ahead, thinking ahead, trying to do the "right" thing for my kids, marriage, family, and friends... but it still just isn't working out quite right.

the most recent example, today, ella and fisher wake up with fevers well over 100, ella is so limp and unable to move on her own (with a little drama added in) fisher on the other hand is just a tad bit slower.

so, i call the doctor because they have been on antibiotics for three days and that just doesn't seem right. usually the antibiotic gods work their magic in less than 24 hours... not this time. the nurse says "you should bring them in, we need to check if it's pneumonia ( i don't know how the hell that word is spelled) or any other secondary infection.

i get dressed, get the kids dressed, pack drinks, snacks, and my purse all up. i KNOW that the diaper bag is in the car... not a problem.

i load up two kids (i carry 60 lbs of sick baby down my stairs and to my car) and my purse (30lbs on it's own) and head to the doctor.


example 2- when i went to roanoke, i complain to my dear husband that the house needs to be CLEANED, really CLEANED, like the kind you can't do with fisher in the house.

less than one week later, it is a disaster due to sick kids.

example 3- i am trying my hardest to lose more weight and get into my 5K training... i haven't gone to bed before midnight this week, and someone has woke my up at least once a night, everynight. who wants to run at 6:00am on less than 6 hours of sleep? not me.

so, i tell ya... i am one sad momma these days... i need a vacation in the worst way!

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Catholic Runner said...

hang in there, it's sure to get better!