Monday, March 30, 2009

buck for a bike

hello to all!

kelsey and i have talked to jarron several times today and last night. he continues to make lots of progress. he is however having a really difficult time with losing his bike.

to all of you that know jarron, he is such a "bike kid" he loves to ride, and has been an avid rider since he was in high school. for those of you in roanoke, he would frequent carvins cove and do lots of moutain biking races around the valley. he and his buddies would go out what seemed like every day and ride.

we have been thinking that an excellent way to lift his spirits would be to replace his bike. his friend that was with him the night of the accident picked up the pieces of his now shattered bike and has them in his dorm room. jarron is to say the least devastated by this news.

at school he doesn't have a car. his bike is his only mode of transportation. his first weekend at school, he sent pictures of him riding across the golden gate bridge. we all know how important it is for him to get a bike back. we think that a great way to show our support and encouragement for jarron would be to raise some money to purchase/replace his bike.

so, what we are asking for is a "buck for a bike"

we would love to get a bike to him before he leaves the hospital. we are still unsure of a timeline for when he will be leaving though, so we are hoping to get this started as soon as possible.

please forward this on to ANYONE who would like to help, especially to jarron's friends.

any and all help would be appreciated. please let anyone and everyone know what we are doing.

being this far away, we figured that this would be the least that we could do for him.

we will continue to keep you all updated on his progress.

please send any donations to

kara battel
6 lewis court
gray, tn 37615

or to

kelsey higginbotham
401 avent meadows ln
holly springs, nc 27540

i have attached a picture of jarron and his friends with their bikes... they rode up the mountain! thanks again for all of your prayers and support for jarron, you will never know how much you all have done for our family!

kara and kelsey

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