Sunday, March 29, 2009

jarron/prayer request

i am sending out a prayer request for jarron my youngest brother. most of you know that jarron is attending school in california. he is an avid bike rider.

last night he was riding through golden gate park and went down a hill too fast without a helmet and ran into a car (i'm not sure if it was parked or moving). his head sustained most of the impact. he was taken to san francisco general. there is is being treated for what they are calling an epidural hematoma. he has lots of bleeding around his brain. he is currently on a ventilator and is being kept unconscious. they are waking him up about every hour to check vitals and to see if he can squeeze hands, hold up fingers, wiggle toes, and stick out his tounge. all of which he is now able to do. this morning they said that he was giving it real effort but couldn't hold up fingers. so, there is some improvement in that aspect.

he is currently going for his fourth CT Scan. the first was when he was still awake. they said that he had gotten frustrated and that is when they decided that it was best for him to be sedated. the second gave them a baseline for what was going on around his brain. the third showed increased bleeding around his brain. i should hear something about the fourth CT scan by about 4:30pm (our time)

there are neurosurgeons on staff and currently at the hospital. the nurses that i have spoke with all seem very positive and very hopeful that he will recover. they are currently very concerned about the bleeding as well as possible brain damage. he has a very swollen face and several fractured bones in his face, along with two black eyes.

our parents are currently en route to california. i ask that you will keep their safety in your prayers as well. they should land in sanfran around 8:30pm (west coast time) then they are going to be picked up by a family friend and taken to their hotel and hospital.

if anyone would like to contact me, please feel free. my phone numbers are 423-571-3319 or 423-477-0366. my email address is and i will be posting on my blog as well.

please forward this to anyone that you would like, the more people out there praying for him the better!

my sister's email and phone numbers are and her phone number is 919-906-8481

thanks so much we love you all. i will keep an update going as often as i can!
kara battel


Melanie said...

Kara - I know this is yet another thing on your brain that is causing more weight for you to bear. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, sister.

The Moughamian Addition said...

Kara, I will be flooding Heaven with my prayers for your brother Jarron. I will also be praying for your family as they travel. Stay strong!