Thursday, March 26, 2009

nothing like being down and out...

to make you want to be better, right?

we are all finally starting to feel better. there i said it. it better happen!

the kids have finished there last round of antibiotics. no more green goop, no more coughs, no more fevers, no more limp kid syndrome, no more yelling a me, no more yelling at them, no more "mommy up"-- we're getting better. i left the house for the first time in what felt like forever yesterday. we went to wal-mart and got some much needed items (a new vac. cleaner) and fisher a little motorcycle and ella a barbie... but we were out and about.

as soon as they got in the car, out came wipes and i pretty much bathed them in the car without the water. they didn't love it.

i worked last night- and got three audits done! yippee! only 2 more tomorrow morning... and then a whole new round comes (i don't mind getting some money honey... especially with my new vac)

but, chris is still mending. he still has a fever and is experiencing the nasty side-effects from antibiotics. but, he is doing sooo much better than before!

- i did have a doctor's appointment today, blood work should be back sometime tomorrow.

- reba has the kids. for as long today i need her to. oh thank you! thanks! thank you!

i am in my house with just me and the dogs... thanks! i think i am going to have a morning nap... clean up a bit... eat some lunch... and then THINK about when i should pick them up.

have a great day!


Rob and Amy said...

yes...keep it to "thinking" about when you should get them!!!! HEhehehe. So glad to hear yall are on the mend, girl. I was getting worried =)

blong said...

blood work?? Are you pregnant??!

kara battel said...

no we aren't preggo-- i am having some possible thyroid problems... so they are checking on some things.. but no three babies for me right now!

lacey said...

this sounds pretty awesome:)