Tuesday, March 3, 2009

come on sunshine!

i have been in my winter time funk. yup, i've been a little hard to live with... impossible i know!

but the future is sunshiny! i heard on the radio today that we might even see 71 degrees! oh, how i need some good vitamin D- (aimee don't come and rain on my warm weather parade) i know that in my last post i talked about this as well... but really i NEED it.

*** potty training news ***
it sucks.

now, there are some perks... he can pee on command. but really, what guy can't? he is so excited when he has peed that he almost cannot stand himself. ella is hilarious trying to "teach" him how to go #2 (sorry this is gross-- i should have put a disclaimer at the top-- consider yourself warned) it's hilarious... chris and i have almost on 2 occasions needed diapers ourselves. but, today he used the potty and then proceeded to go into his room and #2 on the floor-- happily- gross. he was really proud too-- yelling mommmmmmmmmma pooooooopooooooo! i screamed! ella is flipping out, the dogs have managed to get themselves under the bed-- i screamed, i shrieked, i almost cried! that is just GROSS! anyway, we are making progress-- but come on- hang on- let me be thankful- he can pee on command.

* in other news, i hurt my back. i did some funky workout on tv sunday night- cannot stand or sit or move comfortably- ella tells me this morning "i know why you hurt your back... it's because your panties are too big and you should wear diapers like fisher." then went right back to eating her breakfast! what?! thanks baby.

also... my sweet pea little girl at dinner last night was talking to our neighbor shawn who had stopped by for pizza... and says this- "you know the crazy momma from ballet... she puts hot sauce on her little girls tongue when she lies."

now, i turn red-- i love to use the line... "you know, the crazy _____" when i speak to my husband. he knows about all my "crazies" that i talk about... me being the ring leader of them all! but to hear it out of ella's mouth! i need to clean up my act! and descriptions of people! and remember that little ears hear EVERYTHING!

have a great day!


Rob and Amy said...

BAHHHHHH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! The whole post had me in stitches :) Sooooo hilarious!!!!!!!

lacey said...

john and i need a diaper...you are so funny. we can not wait to be up there:)

Aimee said...

I will so be thinking about you this weekend! I hope it is all you have hoped for! :)

Melanie said...

I hope I'm not one of your crazies :-) It's understandable if I am. It was soooooo good to catch up with you today, even if it was between making sure our boys were staying outta mischief. And I'm right there with ya in regards to the weather.

Loved your post. :-)