Sunday, August 17, 2008

roanoke refresh

so we went to roanoke this weekend (left Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon) for jarron's going away get-together. i went for jarron- i am really sad that he is going to be going away to SanFran, but thrilled for him at the same time. i think that him leaving is going to be such a journey for the baby of the family and what a man he will be the next time we get to see him- when i left for school (etsu) in '99 jarron was only 10 at the time- as i was leaving he said "see you in four years!" like i wasn't going to be coming home the next weekend! but him being so far away makes me think a bit- see you in four months! oh- it makes my heart hurt a bit.

so- every time i go to roanoke i get a bit of a refresh- time with family- i get to look at my family- time with each other without the responsibilities of m MY house- you get the picture. so, in leu of the cooler weather, a trip to roanoke, and then a date with my neighbor jenn- i am soooo refreshed! my kids might just wake up to a new mom!

so i got to thinking what i want to have accomplished by the next time that i get to see jarron-

-ride my bike up the entire hill coming from the cows to my house (in honor of jarron's bike riding)
- lose a good 20 pounds ( in honor of the fact that i still weigh more than jarron- and i have a BIG problem with that)
- learn more about SanFran and what he is going to be doing there
- send him a package at least every month (and kelsey too since she is so far away)
- and start saving money to be able to fly my entire family out for his graduation in four years!

i will miss you so much litte baby brother- i think of you everyday and how much you have grown up. i think that you are one of the coolest guys that i know!

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