Monday, March 16, 2009

sunny saturday

gracie post-bath

the scratches are from friday when fisher drove his tractor off of the front porch... not too bad for four steps of freefall action huh?

i love my big bad bubba-- and he looks so regal here!

this of course was from last saturday! haha!
my spot for at least 2 hours on saturday was this blanket-- how i love some spring time!

we were all wild and crazy during daylight savings... when chris came home on friday we went ahead and turned our clocks forward. we let the kids stay up really late and get all good and messed up on their sleep. saturday was pretty much the same... we were ahead of everyone and loved it!

so, come monday when i usually am cussing daylight savings... i was already wonderfully adjusted! and so was chris and the kids...

but, saturday was gorgeous and we were out all day! gracie got her bath (outside) and the kids helped- we had friends over, we played a little cornhole and just relaxed and enjoyed being one hour up on everyone else!

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