Thursday, March 5, 2009

my poor bubba

yesterday i took the kids outside in the FRONT yard... i let bubba and gracie in the FRONT yard as well. the kids and i were playing with chalk on the sidewalk and the dogs were just laying nicely in the FRONT yard.

they are usually never allowed in the FRONT yard because our neighbors have SMALL TINY dogs... and one neighbor has about FOUR HUNDRED CATS. so... needless to say, they usually are never allowed in the FRONT.

but, since my heart has been altered to complete MUSH after seeing marley and me... i went against my beter judgement and let them in the FRONT yard.

the first HOUR was so wonderful. who knew kids like chalk so much??? and who knew how much my dogs needed to be with us in the FRONT yard?

when all of the sudden... two TINY CHIWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH dogs come out of their home two houses back. bubba gets up from laying nicely to a full on sprint in 1.2 seconds to go and see the TINY CHIWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. his sprint goes from 4 legs to only 3... he cannot walk or put weight on his back right leg.

i take him to the vet this morning and we've got two possibilities... he has a sprain in his knee (similar to us pulling a muscle) or he will need x-rays and possibly surgery. please say a little prayer for bubba-- it's pretty pitiful. we've got towels laying through the upstairs so he doesn't slip on the hardwoods and he is to be on strict bed rest through monday, when we go back for a follow up.

all for a TINY CHIWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! my 90 lbs beast wanted to play with a puppy i guess!
this is why i only let them in the BACK yard. EVER!

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lacey said...

i will pray for bubba...norm:)