Tuesday, March 24, 2009

so... this is going to sound crazy

but we've got a lot going on! in this house... we are all going nuts!

chris came home from the race saturday to help with fisher so that i could get ella to the doctor again... you knew this... then, he went back so that he could go to the race (they all camp, in tents, in 30 degree weather) so... then, i come down with the same things that the kids have been fighting for two weeks... here, at the house, without chris. i feel awful, i have no desire to eat or do anything but sleep, and i have a semi-healthy fisher running laps around me...

then, we are making it through our day and the kids haven't eaten much (crackers, cheese, popcorn, all the healthy stuff) and chris calls from the campground... he is already in his tent, with chills, fever, everyone's donated blankets, and feeling like pooooooo.

so, moving on... we are all feeling better on sunday, chris stayed at the campground, i stayed home with the kids, and we are all thinking we're going to make it...

then... chris comes home from the race (with mark, nathan, and beau in tow) and they are sunburnt, stinky, tired, and chris is more sick sunday night... he takes off work monday morning.

i had been dealing with some pain in my right side since friday, and with chris taking monday off sick, i thought that i could go see someone about it... my office is booked until thursday (when i already have my physical scheduled) but i cannot breathe... the pain was just incrediable. so, i go to a walk-in clinic. they think that i am having a gallbladder attack and send me to the er for an ultrasound... at the er, they send me for ultrasound, ct scan, and hidascan (i don't know if that is how it's spelled... but it is written like it sounds) and they take 6 hours to complete all of this... with no real conclusive results. so, i was sent home with an antibiotic, pain meds, and anti-nausea meds... i call chris to let him know that i am on my way... ella's throwing up, he again has the chills, fever, ella fever, fisher still running laps around us all! i get all the meds filled plus an antibiotic for chris... we just cannot shake this funk!

we were supposed to have some friends from alabama come this weekend and relax a while, but i wouldn't want anyone walking into this mess!

so, we have seriously been sick since january, this house hasn't been whole in what feels like forever! and now that i spent our life savings in the er yesterday, the trip i was planning for in may might have to go on the back-burner (again)... who knows? we are just trying to get better one day at a time, but each day it seems to be something new!

chris did go to work this morning... ( i think he is better off there than here) and ella's fever is finally staying below 100, i am washing anything and everything that can be washed, and we are going to let the air flow through this house and hopefully get all the nasties out!

from what i understand, this stuff is "going around" and that offices around here are staying pretty full... i just want to know who started it?

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Rob and Amy said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, I hope EVERYONE is on the mend, and that your random-gallbladder-tons of scans-use our life savings-send me home with meds and no diagnosis pain goes A-W-A-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!