Sunday, March 29, 2009

jarron update-- and it's fantastic news!

i have the most amazing news! i just got to talk to jarron!

around 6:00pm (our time) the doctors said that the bleeding has stopped in his brain. he is off of the ventalator. he is recovering!

they then patched me through to his room where i got to actually talk to him! it's amazing what all of you have done for my family! prayer does work and thanks to all that have sent well wishes! you are an amazing group of people!

my parents still have no way of knowing that all of this is happening... they will be so thrilled!

he sounded amazingly well and in great spirits!

he couldn't remember lots of the details about last night. however, he was concerned to where his bike was- classic jarron.

there is lots of good news and we are all really thankful for all of your support!

to go from a horrible grim report at 3:30am to actually talking to him and being able to know that he is okay is nothing short of a miracle!

thanks again for all of your support and prayers!

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Catholic Runner said...

That is great news. Jarron and your family our in my thoughts and prayers!