Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one more jarron update before i go to bed

i have been able to talk to jarron lots today.

he seems to be in much better spirits, he was a little down this morning, but i'm hoping that once he gets his own room and actually gets some rest that will all change.

he sent a picture of himself via text message and he really has some HUGE black eyes... but, he looks much better that i thought he would!

they have moved him out of icu and into his own room... i haven't yet got the details of room number (they just did it while i was writing this update)

he has been up walking around some this evening. he was pretty dizzy when i talked to him... it's going to be a while before he is fully recovered... but we know that there isn't much to keep jarron down!

we've had a huge response to the "buck for a bike" effort... i cannot tell you how excited i am that this is all going so well. i feel that this is the best way for all of us to be able to help.

and it's going to be awesome when he finally gets his new bike and knows that it was because of so many people who love him and want a speedy recovery!
without all of you it wouldn't even possible!

thanks so much for all that you are doing for our family!

and i have been intouch with mom and dad lots as well... for all of those concerned about my parents, they are doing really well. they are getting to see some of the city and jarron's school (while doctors are in and nurses are switching shifts) they are thrilled that they have been able to meet some of his friends and feel that he is in really great hands out there. keep up the prayers and keep getting the word out about jarron! we love him so much and want nothing short of a full recovery!

have a great night everyone!

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