Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. p day!

go green! whoo hoo!

i've never really known much about st. patrick... the only things i do know are...
1- he's irish
2- wear green or you get pinched
3- drink green beer (yuck)
4- he resembles the guy from the lucky charms cereal box

that's it.

so this morning while i am getting the kids dressed, i tell them that they have to wear green. ella says "but i want to be pink. and fisher wants to be blue."

i cannot explain to them why we MUST wear green... so i tell her number 2--

all day through sam's, the bank, the grocery store, and walgreens ella walked up to random people who were not wearing green and says... "you're going to get PINCHED! my mommy said that it's a green day! why aren't you wearing green???"

this has really ruined her day. she has been angry with lots of strangers and not really that pleasant to be around. thanks ol' st. p! you have made my tuesday hilarious and my daughter rude!

when a girl wants to wear pink and cannont... her day is just shot.


Rob and Amy said...

HAHAH!!!! Love it!!! You'll be so glad to know that I told Rob this morning that it was St Patricks Day..you gotta wear green babe- and he says "Pssssh, screw that". Nice, huh?!?!?!? Little Turkey. I should have told him it was St Patricks, not Christmas, SCROOGE :)

Catholic Runner said...

too funny!

lacey said...

that ella is something else...:)

Kelsey said...

this is hilarious - how many times did you have to tell strangers you were sorry - but they should have been wearing green!!