Thursday, February 25, 2010

willing spring time

we here in the battel house are willing springtime to come, and come quickly! ella wore this to school today- so stinkin cute! the skirt is from old navy (it was less than 10 bucks) and we got it in two colors.

fisher has worn shorts everyday since saturday (when it was still technically too cold for shorts) and he wore them to school today- with snow boots ("uh, momma!? it's ah'snowing-- i need my boots") whatever weirdo :) i forgot to grab a quick picture of him! honestly he looked adorable-

and the cookies were essential to this snowy day-- seriously- we had more snow this morning! so, we made springtime cookies! (the kind that you make with a cake mix- oh so delish) well, here's to springtime coming soon!

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