Thursday, February 18, 2010

a couple of things..

looking over my blog (which is mostly about my kids) i realized that i haven't posted enough lately about ella. ella is growing up so quickly and i know that i cannot stop/slow it down... but man i miss her being really little! she is a coloring fool- the girl could color all day and night if i let her! i will post some pics of her coloring- so, here at the superbowl "get together" she was coloring her valentine box for school. super cute!

i am not a huge sports fan- i love that sports exist, i just don't find that i am a "follower" of many sports. i'm not the girl in the crowd that -loves the game- by no means! but on superbowl night i wore the only thing i own that is "superbowl" related... a shirt with a fleur d'lie (if that's even how you spell it) and low and behold the saints win! *** it was because of the shirt- i know)

my 'nastics gal- she loves a great trampoline! we go to open gym at least once a week in the winter -- we are in serious need of some vitamin D soon! i feel like we haven't seen the sun in FOREVER!

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Rob and Amy said...

How Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!