Monday, February 22, 2010

what a busy weekend!

We had such a busy and fun weekend. It started with this sweet little face that I have come to love just like my own kids. Molly girl is one of the funniest kids I have ever met- straight shooter and just plain beautiful! We celebrated her 4th birthday this weekend at her grandparents home-- it alone is stunning-- add a few pretty girls and handsome boys- you've got yourself a party! The pics through this post are all out of order- but I'll walk you through them.

Holy-Moly we had SUNSHINE this weekend! whooohooo! The boys did a number playing outside! I don't think that I said a word to Fisher the entire time he played-- he was so focused and played with those trucks like it was his job- gotta love boys!

Is this not the most beautiful boy you've ever seen! He is our Godson Ty- and we were so lucky to have them stop by for a little while on Sunday- We have been playing "sick kid avoido" since he has been born... with the swine flu, pneumonia, strep, bronchitis, colds, fevers, we have tried to avoid him at all costs-- till the sun came out!!! He was such a great baby- so sweet and even though it took the kids a bit to warm up to him... they finally did- so cute! And, to know that these kids are going to grow up together means so much to Chris and I both!

fisher and his "mad halo/gun fighter" face-- ready to take off and put on a show for beau and Kendra

the cute boys and ella-- awww we are so blessed and lucky to have such beautiful, smart, and healthy--

me and my precious Godson- we just might have the cutest one ever!

ella enjoying the trampoline-- OUTSIDE! our kids have been going CRAZY being inside due to this crazy winter weather we've been having!

molly's birthday cake- yup- i did it :)

who wouldn't kiss this face????

speaking of cute faces-- just needed to add in my dear sweet nephew weiss-- i give my sister a difficult time about how "cute" he is-- a face only my sister and brother-in-law could love- love you sister and thanks-- for everything (wink wink)

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