Friday, February 5, 2010

friday thoughts

i am learning that i have a bit of an obsession problem- i start to like something and obsess over it until- poof- the obsession is O-V-E-R! done, final, whatever.

so, here is what i have been obsessing over lately-

- caesar salads
- chips and salsa-- seriously the addiction to chips and salsa is unreal!
- redo my interiors-- all of them-- if we had more money of course :)
- the office (but that obsession doesn't really go away)
- my bed being made up first thing in the morning! (my dogs feel the need to hibernate in it while we aren't in the house- and i hate dog hair in my sheets)

i think that is about all at the moment-- but it's enough to throw some issues into my perfectly "normal" mind :)

happy friday!

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Short Southern Momma said... The Office!!!