Thursday, April 30, 2009

a visit and a rehab session

so our evening started with a little rehab session for bubba's back leg. i thought that if he got some time in the water that we would use his leg some more and it would start to help him get on the road to recovery. however, mom and i ended up chasing ella and fisher in and out of the water... with their clothes on! all the way down to their socks and shoes! it's still APRIL! we don't swim in tennessee in APRIL! they were having the time of their lives! it was really funny!

ella kept running around and mom would chase her all over- somehow though, mom didn't get wet... me on the other hand... my shoes were soaked! fisher kept running in and his diaper would bouy him up and he would rotate... and laugh! he wasn't scared at ALL! he made me a nervous wreck!

fisher takes after his daddy-- full on crack!

the kids were so happy and the water actually wasn't all that cold-- i just couldn't believe that they actually did it!

me and mom at warriors path state park

ella's new haircut-- she and i both went and chopped off a little more hair-- she loves her new do!

charligne and mike (my aunt and uncle) from florida stopped by on their way back home... we only get to see them about once a year... so it was a fantastic visit!

the kids did really well entertaining them-- fisher especially-- he is a little more open to visitors than ella- she's my shy chicken :)

charligne cuddled up with the kids and read them the new books that she and mike brought... our kids LOVE books... especially books about bears, trucks, or little girls-- they did a fantastic job!



your favorite girl ever:) L said...

love the haircuts! so cute:)

HappyHeel said...

Love Ella's hair and the pic of Fisher (like daddy)! Too cute!!

HappyHeel said...

Love Ella's haircut and the pic of Fisher (like daddy)! Miss you guys!