Wednesday, April 15, 2009

jarron update

jarron had his surgery on his cheekbone this afternoon (12 his time--)

we were very lucky that a family friend (missy) was able to take him, sit with him, and will be taking care of him tonight at her house (or he can stay at the hospital tonight- which ever he prefers).

his cheekbone according to the doctor and missy-- was rotated and sunken in--

they made three incisions, one under his eye, one to the side of his eye, and one in him mouth. from there they rotated it and pushed it back forward and it is being held in place with two titanium plates. those will stay in forever.

he is going to be pretty swollen and possibly another black eye (his others have finally gone away)

he is currently in recovery-- when i know more, i will update more.

thanks again to everyone and especially missy and her family for all their help and support for jarron!


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Wearing Mascara said...

Wow - he is definitely in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

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