Monday, April 13, 2009

a love match... and a birthday party

our little buddy cole turned two on saturday- we went to the party in bristol and as you can see... ella fell in love all over again! isaac is one of chris' buddies from high school and college, little boy-- (catch all that?)

ella and isaac have hung out before- superbowl parties, birthday parties, and football games... but they were "in love" this night! hilarious!

they drove around the back yard together, ate pizza and cake together, and even discussed marriage (the marriage talk comes from kels' wedding last year) and this to me is so cute!

and fisher had the time of his life! wide open spaces, lots of people laughing at him, bikes to ride, pizza, cake, icing, what more could a little boy want?

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Rob and Amy said...

How ADORABLE is that?!?!?!?