Wednesday, April 29, 2009

leatherwood visit

where we found fisher when he went missing...

our dear, sweet, amazingly NICE, good friends from alabama came for a visit this past weekend... we love having them here and they are really such GOOD NICE people that we always gain a little perspective when they come in town. i am so in love with lacey and john-- chris and i secretly want to be them-- they keep us so entertained when they are here and we love having them... i am wishing over and over that they would just move on up here and live in our downstairs, split the house payment and bills and we could live happily ever after :)

i don't have tons of pictures because we always end up having such a good time that i forget about my camera! i am going to have to steal them from their camera.

sierra- the most amazing next-door neighbor who babysits and loves our kiddies... she took the kids for a ride around the circle while we were setting up for cornhole in the backyard. what an amazing young lady she is! we are so lucky!

the kids taking their "tennessee baths"

eating one of our endless dinners! i love ella's face below...

to our sweet friends that we can't imagine life without you guys! jb is such a doll and we were so glad that we got to spend some time with you-- miss you guys like crazy and cannot wait for your return visit! or... a trip to savanna, ga! love you guys!

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lacey said...

you guys are so amazing! and your kids are precious, sweet and funny. we love you guys so much and yall are a true blessing!xoxoxox