Monday, October 27, 2008

our monday

fisher woke up this morning feeling much better- i think that his runny nose has EVERYTHING to do with cutting those glorious first year molars- (they are HUGE) so... that crisis just might be averted-

ella's party is this weekend and i am starting to make a mental list of all the things that we are needing to do for it- you know those really essential things like...
-painting baseboards (wanted to do this for 1 year)
-cleaning out closets (seasons are changing- and everyone will look in her closet)
-retiling the kitchen floor (fisher throws pans on the floor and cracks a tile daily)
-replacing my countertops (hate them- nuf said)
-losing 20 pounds (right... the battle continues)
-refinishing my kitchen table (there is food that belongs to my table top-actually belongs there- as in "that's just part of the table)

and then the other things like...
-plan an entire pink and purple menu (ain't happening)
-basic cleaning
-making a cake
-figuring out a decent menu
-somehow incorporate halloween

you know... those lists are starting to overwhelm me- so my solution- i think that i should start drinking my wine now and take lots of pictures and remember it that way! haha!

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Melanie said...

your lists sound like mine!!! We're looking forward to Ella's party!