Monday, October 6, 2008

ella's hair - chris' turn!

since chris was gone on saturday (and on tuesday and wednesday for work) i decided that sunday would be a great day for "Talk to your Daddy about it" and "Go find your Daddy" and "What did your Daddy say" and "oh, let your Daddy do that" Day. it went great! i got lots of things done- relaxed and even took a little nap...

chris got to attempt to do ella's hair- she wanted pig tails- so my response was "tell your Daddy about it" i thought that i would help and do one of the pig tails... and the other was done by Daddy-- you take a look for yourself!
so she had to do the swing test- daddy's pig tail did not pass the test. i think that this is the first time- the only time that chris has ever had to do her hair himself!

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Kelsey said...

this is absolutely hilarious! poor chris