Sunday, October 26, 2008


well- since my last post we have experienced some form of sickness- FANTASTIC!
it started last wednesday- chris woke up with some kind of stomach bug- stayed home from work- so me and the kids left the house for the morning so that he could sleep

by 1:00 i was not feeling great so nap time i slept and then sent chris out for dinner- i didn't want to smell or cook dinner in the house

by 12:30am ella was screaming because she had thrown up

fast forward to last night- fisher never got the stomach bug- (iron stomach) but he now has a cough that barks and a nasty runny nose- this week (AKA round 2) will be equally FANTASTIC!

(ps- i only handle sick children for 24hours- then i quit)

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Melanie said...

Join the sickness club! Ethan's been having a runny nose since Wed and I'm getting over what he had. There are some comments on the sickness post on my blog that has offered me some good tips. Check it out if you'd like...

Anyway, good luck with overcoming the bugs!