Tuesday, March 30, 2010

okay... it's almost april

the past few years march hasn't been all that friendly to the lisle (my real-birth) family- a few years ago my cousin's husband died from a heart attack- then last year jarron had his horrible accident...

march has troubling weather, a lull in the sports season, and usually i am at wits end with the kids indoors and i start craving summer time food- which means that i start hating cooking winter foods!

i made a few march resolutions- i love trying to better myself, take stock of current events, and figure out how to better our lives as a whole in the family. i do feel as though i am the CEO/CFO of this house. i KNOW without me running full tilt-- this family doesn't work! and during march (starting in february) i start feeling the pressures of the winter blues-- and i also get glimpses of spring/summer and i feel that i can do better for my family- than i do in the feb/march months.

so, with march almost behind me, and my sister's birthday uneventful (that is the date of jarron's accident) i feel that with april will come blue skies and butterflies!

welp, here are my april resolutions

- get those 17 pounds off by june (last month it was 20)
- get outdoors with the kids as often as i can
- get my mental health in check-- winter blues do a number on me
- get my house in order (we've been doing several "projects" around the house that need the loose ends tied up)
- plan some events in advance- i am a notorious putter offer-- i wait till birthdays are here, babies are here, holidays are here... without a lot of prep work- then i stress out and end up dissapointed in myself for not being more in the moment)
- remember that i have to take time for just chris and i-- this is the hardest because we are usually with our friends/neighbors/kids and there isn't enough time for us to remember why we fell in love with each other in the first place. i take him for granted and i need to do more for him to remind him that i am head over heels in love with him-- even 10 1/2 years later

hope that everyone had a wonderful march and onto april!

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