Monday, March 29, 2010

happy birthday to my sweetest sister!

my sweet little sister is turning 24 today! and i couldn't do a post without mentioning her!

kelsey and i are 5 years apart- we shared a room together growing up- and a bathroom-
we have lived together, we have partied together, been in each others weddings, and thrown a few parties together. we have cried together, leaned on each other, been so damn pissed at each other... uh- i couldn't imagine my life without her in it. i have mothered her, been really mean to her, yelled and cussed at her-- but i adore her!

my husband and kids think that kelsey hung the stars and moon- she is an amazing aunt to my kids, best friend to my husband and all around amazing woman. she is the bravest person that i know-

my sister is my saving grace- i know there isn't a month (hint hint) that goes by that i don't have some major meltdown that she doesn't pull me out of-

she is my inspiration to be better to my family, kids, and husband

she is caring and compassionate

she is hilarious-

she is unselfish and important.

if there is anyone else in the WORLD that i could be like -- it's her.

i talk to her everysingleday! and my day isn't complete without a good morning text.

happy birthday kelsey! i love you!

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