Monday, March 29, 2010

let me catch you up...

we love hanging out with our kids. i know it's corny- but seriously- they are hilarious! fisher and ella are almost close enough in age that i could consider them to be twins. fisher keeps me hopping with his constant "dangerous" energy- and well ella is a bit of a daddy's girl that "discusses everything at length"- both of which- i adore!

we have a "cult" of neighbors (as our outsider friends refer to them) that we see almost daily- really you could probably blend us all into one house and it would work- our kids all compliment each others personalities and they are really great friends. we couldn't live the lives that we live without each other- i am so grateful to have an amazing support group of girlfriends and neighbors that i love and adore. so, with that written- we have a new addition to our "cult" --- paige was born last wednesday night and she has made it back home already.

we are so ready for warmer weather so we can get her out of the house and "play" or pass her around. it's been a little while since we've had a baby in the circle.

but, first, the pictures to start are from our "friday night dance party" we go down in the basement and throw all of the pillows off the couch-- and let the kids jump and dance till they start getting whiny (and sometimes a little hurt) but not too bad ;)

molly, fisher, and ella tore it up! ella's dance moves are really coming along-- chris puts on some (old) music-- usually with questionable lyrics-- that will have to change soon- but they had a ball! and i think that we (as parents) forget how much fun it is to just let loose and have a good time. we are so worried about letting them play with the "right" toys or the "most educational" or get them to bed "right on schedule" and don't give them a day off from being kids.

so- we gave our kids the night off- and look how much fun they had! i really have about 50 of the same pictures-- all of them smiling, laughing, and really enjoying being a kid!

and now to miss. paige- she is seriously the tiniest baby i have ever held! she is 6lbs 3 oz-

ella is so thrilled to have a "girl baby" born! she has been a big helper to jenn and shawn (at least i hope) by wanting to hold her, rock her, and one day maybe "babysit" her :)

i took the kids to visit them in the hospital- here are a few of my favorite pictures. welcome miss paige!

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Kathryn said...

I LOVE the idea of Friday night dance party! Seriously something I think we will establish when we have kids. Looks like so much fun!