Friday, March 26, 2010

going racin'

We are very fortunate (yes, i know i wrote fortunate) to live near the bristol motor speedway. it's one of the main attractions going around here! Chris has been going to the races for about 28 years now- hasn't missed a race since he moved here. (it's kinda his claim to fame) i used to go and camp with him, some friends, and my brother- and i started opting out when i got pregnant with ella- and i haven't been back.

however- since fisher is SUCH a boy- chris has been dying to take him to the track- for something.and last friday when the race was in town- we took the kids to qualifying- it was really a great day with the weather being so beautiful and because it is just qualifying- there weren't tons of people there. we parked with the campers (our friends from roanoke)and walked to the track. here is our awesome visit in pictures!

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